Pros And Cons Of Having A Wedding On A Holiday

October 3, 2022

Pros And Cons Of Having A Wedding On A HolidayWhat are some pros and cons of having a wedding on a holiday? 

  1. A longer wedding celebration
  2. Pricier lodgings and flights
  3. Decorated venues
  4. Less availability of guests
  5. A simplified theme

Holidays are meant for celebrations. That means celebrating your wedding on this day makes it even more significant and memorable. However, planning a holiday wedding is not always easy. 

To help you, this article discusses the different pros and cons of having a wedding on a holiday. There are many things to consider when it comes to planning the festivities and inviting your guests. 

A longer wedding celebration

A longer wedding celebration

With a holiday weekend wedding, you can extend your celebrations to more than just the wedding day itself. Make use of the long weekend by planning out special activities for your entourage and guests. 

There are many things you can do from recreational activities to rehearsal dinners to a post-wedding party. Your guests are sure to make the most of the weekend with the many festivities that await them, as well as have enough time to recover from the fun. 

This kind of celebration is also ideal for couples who have guests flying in from various locations. A fun line of activities makes them feel that their hours on the plane were worth the trip!

The key to planning days of celebrations is to let your guests know as early as possible. Give them an idea of your itinerary on your wedding invitation. This makes them excited to share this precious memory with you as a couple. 

Pricier lodgings and flights

The biggest downside to holiday weddings is the pricey lodgings and airfare. 

It is normal for airfare and many hotel accommodations to peak during holidays. However, it does not stop many people from booking their flights and hotels. This can be the only time for some people to get some rest and spend time with families after all. 

The high prices for this holiday weekend can be difficult for some of your wedding guests because of the high costs. 

That’s why it’s important to send you invites in advance to beat the heavy bookings as the date draws near. This gives people time to book both flights and accommodations ahead of time. 

You can also opt from booking a wedding block of rooms in a hotel that is closest to your reception or church venue. This can help them narrow down their choices when looking for a place to stay. 

If your guests are leaning toward staying somewhere else, you can also research the different lodging options nearby. This can help guests coming from outside your city look for a place to stay.  

Decorated venues

Indeed, many costs go up when it comes to holiday weddings, but a factor that you can save money on is your decorations. Celebrating your wedding during the Christmas season may come as a plus since many churches and even reception venues can be decorated for the holidays. 

A quick visit to your preferred venues can already give you an idea of how they decorate. Check if their styles align with your preferred choices. Remember that less is more especially with Christmas decorations. With your wedding planner, you can add a few personal touches without putting things too over the top. 

Less availability of guests

Less availability of guests

A reality you’ll have to grasp while planning your wedding is that holidays are usually dedicated to family.

Sometimes, they’re even dedicated to religious traditions, which can limit the availability of your guests. So, it may be a good idea to stay clear of celebrating your wedding near religious holidays, such as Christmas Day. 

Aside from that, there may be other plans made during holiday weekends. People take this time to host family reunions and even go overseas for a quick break. 

To ensure you have all the guests you want present, try picking a holiday weekend that isn’t too popular among families. 

However, a reality you may need to grasp is some people might decline your wedding invite, as they might have conflicting schedules. 

One way to help your guests make time for your special day, and avoid clashing with their schedules is to send out invites early on. This will also help you get an accurate and immediate headcount of your guests well before the date. 

A simplified theme

Holiday weekends take care of your wedding’s color palette and theme. It’s important to have this for your wedding since it gives the entire celebration a cohesive vibe. A theme is crucial in bringing everything together from the color of the flowers to the decorations to the gowns. 

Many holidays simply do this since most are already associated with specific colors, textures, and even food. Take New Year for example. If you’re celebrating your wedding on New Year’s Day weekend, you can easily use metallics like gold and silver. 

You’ll spend less time looking at the bigger picture since many colors and themes are dedicated to the holiday itself. 

Key Takeaway

Weddings are always a cause for celebration. Some couples take it up a notch by holding it over a holiday weekend. However, there are many pros and cons of having a wedding on a holiday. After reading this article, you may have already decided if this is the kind of wedding you want. 

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