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    4 Popular Venues in Metro Manila for Your Corporate Event

    What are popular venues in Metro Manila where you can host your corporate event?

    1. Blue Leaf Mckinley
    2. Elements Centris
    3. Green Lounge
    4. One Esplanade


    Corporate events are not only a popular facet of working life but also an important one. They can be considered as tools that help your company and its employees grow. Whether it’s for hospitality or business purposes, corporate events have been known to hire available local catering services in order to bring people together.

    However, this type of event is rarely about the food because the venue also plays a big part in its success. Physical space, parking availability, accessibility — all these things and more are important factors to think about when choosing a place to host your particular occasion.

    To help you choose and ensure your corporate event’s success, here are 5 popular venues in Metro Manila where you can host a great event.


    Blue Leaf Mckinley

    Starting this list, we have Blue Leaf Mckinley. This might be one of the most popular event spaces available because of its location. Mckinley Hill is located in BGC, a premier financial and lifestyle district in Metro Manila. It is a corporate hub where business and leisure meet, and that makes the Blue Leaf events pavilion the perfect place for your corporate event.

    An accessible location, it also boasts three different kinds of pavilions perfect for any occasion, not just your corporate event. They vary by size, capacity, and design, so you can choose a particular pavilion based on what you need. One thing that is common across all pavilions is that all are classy, so you really cannot go wrong with the Blue Leaf.


    Elements Centris

    Element Centris

    Elements Centris is an event space located in Quezon City. It boasts a huge physical space of 1,165 square meters which means it can accommodate any kind of event. The event space itself is separated into 2 halls: the prosperity hall and the fortune hall. Both of these halls can hold up to 350 people, but if that is not enough, they can be combined into one great hall to suit any kind of large group. Suites are also available for those wanting more private space.


    Green Lounge

    The Green Lounge is an event space that definitely satisfies the environmentally conscious side of people because it is situated in the first-ever ‘green building’ in San Juan, the BTTC Centre. Aside from being one of the only green buildings in the country, the BTTC’s penthouse floor houses the Green Lounge, an event space that presents the views of the Ortigas and Makati skyline while hosting your event.

    In terms of its features, the Green Lounge has only one air-conditioned function hall that has a capacity of up to 200 people. A beautiful open garden is also available for use if the hall is not enough for the purposes of your corporate event. Look no further than the Green Lounge if you want to have an event that is accentuated by a beautiful skyline and a touch of nature.


    One Esplanade

    One Esplanade

    If the previously mentioned Green Lounge has a touch of lush greenery, then One Esplanade, in contrast, has the power of water on its side. An events venue situated near Manila Bay, One Esplanade offers the use of 3 function halls, Coral A & B and Pearl Hall – all designed so that they stand out from other event venues. Both Coral A and B have a capacity of a maximum of 400 guests each but hosting a big event is still possible by combining both rooms for a capacity of 800.

    A smaller corporate event is also possible to host in One Esplanade as Pearl Hall is a quaint, elegant space that is perfect for 150 people. One Esplanade is built with the modern principles of design in mind – transparency, light, sliding panels, and juxtaposition – along with the maximizing of natural light and appropriate materials, One Esplanade provides versatility for any type of event.


    Key Takeaway

    There are definitely no shortages in Metro Manila when it comes to venues perfect for your corporate event. The important thing to do is to prepare properly whether it’s making sure you have a guest headcount or contacting the best local catering services to provide food for your event. Having an interesting program is also useful in order to have a successful event, so don’t neglect that either. Choosing the perfect venue is just a start.