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    How To Plan A Rustic Wedding

    How To Plan A Rustic WeddingHow to plan a rustic wedding:

    1. Use rustic-inspired wedding invitations 
    2. Look for outdoor venues with floral decorations
    3. Look for inclusivity
    4. Choose a floral and cozy dress code
    5. Use rustic-inspired hair, makeup, and accessories
    6. Toss the bling stuff
    7. Be practical

    Rustic weddings are synonymous with comfort and natural beauty. They’re filled with warm earth tones, vintage pieces, a connectedness to nature, and an understated design that gives a sense of both roughness and natural elegance.

    It’s why so many couples want a rustic theme for their own wedding. So, if you’re here because you’re looking for wedding plan ideas, or simply looking for wedding theme ideas, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s our simple guide on how to plan a rustic wedding: 

    Use rustic-inspired wedding invitations 

    It all starts with your invitations. Let your guests know that you’re planning a rustic wedding by sending them rustic-inspired wedding invitations and stationery! Use rough, uncolored card stock as your base, and try to add nature-themed decorations, such as flower borders, twine, and even dried leaves and flowers to add some style. 

    You can even switch out card stock for thin panels of wood, which gives it a nice outdoorsy vibe.

    Look for outdoor venues with floral decorations

    Look for outdoor venues with floral decorations

    Rustic weddings mean that you get to choose outdoor venues for your wedding — and if so, then we’ve got the perfect venues for you. One option that we have is the Almond Garden which is an open venue in the city of Tagaytay filled with rustic tiles areas, elegant yet wild greenery, and a 6,000-square-meter garden. It’s only a few minutes away from Caleruega Church. If you’re looking for a venue that has a near church where you can get wed, you should consider our Almond Garden! This is perfect for 150 to 200 guests.

    Covered with grass and with Almond trees, Almond Garden is the perfect venue for your wedding ceremonies, reception, and much more. Turn your rustic wedding dreams into reality with this venue that’s perfect for an intimate and beautiful garden wedding.

    Look for inclusivity

    Look for inclusivity

    Dreaming of a rustic-inspired wedding? Find inclusive packages and services! Here at Juancho, we don’t only offer wedding venues but also menus, catering, guest accommodations, and more services! When it comes to weddings, we can cater to different themes that our customers want. We can offer you many services for weddings. Just message us, and we can help you get started on planning the ideal wedding menu for you and your guests.

    Choose a floral and cozy dress code

    Let your guests dress up properly for the occasion with the right dress code! To keep the rustic theme going, make sure to set a floral, cozy dress code for them to follow. 

    Fortunately, finding dresses for a rustic wedding is relatively easy, since there are many styles of floral dresses, lace dresses, and rustic-chic maxi dress styles that look great at these events. Plus, they’re generally less formal than other kinds of weddings, so finding a suit is as easy as preparing nice cotton, linen, or tweed jacket in tan, brown, gray, or blue. Wearing a shirt and pants in the same color or material is also a good choice! 

    Use rustic-inspired hair, makeup, and accessories

    Planning to look naturally beautiful without overdoing your look? Then loose curls and braids are the best hairstyles for a rustic wedding! You will surely look simply glamorous with a flower crown on your hair.

    For makeup, we recommend sticking to simple styles. Do the peachy-colored blush, natural mascara, and sheer lip gloss to complete up your rustic wedding look.

    Toss the bling stuff

    Let’s keep it real and rustic. You have to think about those things that can either make or break your wedding. Before you purchase decorations for your wedding, try to consider if you need them or not. While many floral arrangements and decorations might look gorgeous, they may stick out like a sore thumb at your rustic wedding. 

    So, stick to the basics — wood, earth tones, and light-colored flowers are the safest bet for your decorations. Other decorations that might be nice to include are anything woven or textile, fairy lights, dried bark, burlap, candles, hessian and more. Don’t go for bling or something that shines. Go for rustic-inspired stuff!

    Be practical

    Lastly — and we recommend this no matter what theme your wedding is — be practical. Don’t overcomplicate your plans, especially since the main idea of a rustic wedding is that it is a simple one. All you have to do is pick the right outdoor venue and vendors, and the rest will fall into place! 

    Key Takeaway

    Now that you know how to plan a rustic wedding, it’s time to start planning the wedding of your dreams. And, we can help! Here at Juan Carlo, we offer premiere wedding catering services, from setting up venues to preparing the best meals for your guests, and more. 

    If you’re set on your rustic wedding, then contact us today. Let us make your simple dream wedding by clicking here!