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    How To Plan A Bridesmaid Luncheon

    How can you plan a bridesmaid luncheon?

    1. Select the right date
    2. Choose an intimate venue
    3. Stick to a ladies-only guestlist
    4. Get bridesmaids gifts
    5. Keep your guests’ tastes in mind during the menu planning
    6. Give a bride’s speech

    If you are a bride, you know how stressful things can be when planning for the big day. For this reason, you might want to learn about how to plan a bridesmaid luncheon.

    Hosted by the bride herself, the bridesmaid luncheon is a celebratory event held before the wedding day itself. It is an event done to thank your bridesmaids for all that they have done over the course of the wedding planning stage.

    Unlike your bridal shower, this is the opportunity to spend some precious time with your gals and thank them for all their support leading up to the day you tie the knot. Continue reading on to learn how to plan the perfect bridesmaid luncheon!

    Select The Right Date

    It’s best to schedule your bridesmaid luncheon one or two days before your wedding day. This way, if any of your bridesmaids are traveling from afar, they can make travel accommodations just in time for your luncheon, wedding reception, and ceremony proper.

    One or two days before the wedding, everyone will likely be in town already, making efforts for your big day. Plus, if you want to go for a spa or salon day with your girls, this is also the ideal time frame to do so.

    Choose An Intimate Venue

    Choose An Intimate Venue

    A bridal luncheon tends to be a much more intimate celebration than a bridal shower. The guest list will typically include a few honored individuals like your bridesmaids, the groom’s sister, your beloved flower girls, or your grandmother.

    This is a small celebration with your girls so you would want to make sure the venue evokes the same level of intimacy. Some of the venues you can choose include a stunning garden, spa resort, forest barn, or a quaint tea house.

    Stick To A Ladies-Only Guestlist

    After choosing the perfect date and venue, it’s time to plan the guest list. Remember that a bridesmaid luncheon is a ladies-only affair. Make sure your guest list will be attended by your bridesmaids, maid of honor, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, and any other woman who played a special role in planning your big day.

    When sending your bridesmaid luncheon invitations, consider adding a personal touch to them. After all, this is a special event to thank your girls for their support.

    Get Bridesmaid Gifts

    Get Bridesmaid Gifts

    As a bride, you know how stressful it is to plan for the wedding. From organizing the seating chart, picking a venue, selecting a decor theme, attending food tasting sessions, to choosing a wedding dress — there are numerous things to prepare to make sure the big day goes smoothly. It’s not uncommon for your bridesmaids to help you out during the preparation.

    The bridesmaid luncheon is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation and hand out bridesmaids’ gifts to the girls. You can think about what gift each one will personally like or you can give a gift that matches the theme of your luncheon.

    For example, if you are having a garden luncheon, you can give cute potted plants. You can also give out some dainty teacups if you are having an afternoon tea party or some essential oils if you are having a spa party.

    Keep Your Guests’ Tastes In Mind During Menu Planning

    The primary agenda during a bridesmaid luncheon is to eat and bond. You can plan to hold the luncheon during lunch or dinner. When planning the menu, just remember to keep your guests’ tastes and diet preferences in mind.

    For example, you can ask your caterer to serve delicious vegetable dishes for your vegan besties or loads of desserts for your friends with a sweet tooth. Serving some cocktails and bottles of wine can also be a great way to have a great time with your girls.

    Give A Bride’s Speech

    Give A Bride's Speech

    No matter how you plan to hold your bridesmaid luncheon, don’t forget to appreciate this special event with your friends and family. You will soon be caught up with the wedding celebration. Take the time to give a speech at the luncheon and thank your guests for their support.

    Key Takeaway

    In this article are some of the best tips on how to plan a bridesmaid luncheon. This is the event to thank the women in your life for their support. Don’t forget to enjoy the celebration to the fullest!