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    How to Personalize Your Reception Menu


    Did you know that food and drink make up the large percentage of your wedding costs? Food plays the biggest expenses on your wedding as this will be based largely on how many guests you will have in your wedding. Good thing, wedding catering services these days offer a wide variety of options and can give the proper advise in line with your budget and number of guests. You can choose from several wedding menu packages according to the types of food to be served and the serving style.

    On the other hand, you can also incorporate your own idea to your reception menu. According to a winning chef, Hugh Acheson, the wedding meal should be a tale of you and your fiancée, which includes the food you both love. Consider this when you start planning your wedding reception menu. To help you more, we compiled some of the tried and tested tips and tricks for personalizing your wedding reception menu.


    Choose Local Bites

    Opt for local ingredients in your meal to showcase to your out-of-town guests the authentic flavor your place has to offer. Just ask your caterers to create an elevated meal that include such ingredients. Even better, you might want to go with local dishes!

    Present Food Stations

    One of the growing trends in the wedding industry is food stations. A food station is not the typical buffet spread style. Rather, it is customized stations of meal that provide different themes and offerings, depending on your preferences. Opting for a food station will help you personalize your reception menu and show off your personality and your fiancée. For example, if you will have a morning wedding, why not included a pancake station into your wedding reception? A perfect pancake station should have the freshly made pancakes and different choices of syrups and honey. Having food stations in your wedding will definitely make it a gastronomical paradise to your wedding guests.

    Ditch Fried Foods

    Fried foods, such as fried chicken and French fries are not so ideal to serve during wedding reception as these foods will become soggy quickly and normally aren’t in line with the theme.

    Incorporate Family Recipes

    Does your family have a special and scrumptious recipe? Why not include it in your reception menu? Ask your caterer if he or she can a turn your homey family recipe into a more elegant and scrumptious meal.

    Go Fresh

    Who wouldn’t want food that is stale and old? Go fresh by opting for fresh salads, seasonal veggies, and other finger foods.

    Go Themed

    A perfectly themed wedding is certainly the best. The menu is best when it complements the theme you choose. For example, you choose to have a beach wedding, making seafood the center of attraction might be more apt than serving pasta.


    Your wedding should be one of the most memorable events in your life. Milestones such as this is best shared with the people you love and a lot of good food. Make your reception menu exciting and customized by following some of the mentioned tips above. After all, the whole wedding should be a reflection of you and your fiancée’s personality, so make the most out of it.