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    Here’s What 7 Well-Known Personalities Think About Juan Carlo

    Any special event in your life deserves the best. 

    The best food, the best venue, and the best service.


    Professional catering services in Quezon City such as Juan Carlo use their experience and expertise to create a day for you to remember.


    By collaborating with local chefs, your special menu will be full of dishes tailor-made to your event’s theme. Finding the picture-perfect venue will be made easier with their vast selections. And to top it all off, you will be provided with servers that are well-trained to accommodate all types of guests.


    Want a successful and memorable celebration? Take a look at what well-known personalities have to say about the outstanding services of Juan Carlo.


    Rufa Mae Quinto Magallanes

    Rufa Mae Quinto Magallanes

    Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

    Rufa Mae Quinto Magallanes is a Filipina actress and comedienne known for her signature phrases and acting style. After almost two and a half decades in the entertainment industry, Rufa Mae has established herself as a personality with an extravagant and daring style.


    In November 2016, she tied the knot with Trevor Magallanes in an intimate gathering. With the help of one of the best professional catering services in Quezon City, the wedding was held at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan in Libis, Quezon City.


    Here’s what she had to say about Juan Carlo’s expert services:

    “Ang bilis kausap ni Alex [owner of Juan Carlo]. Most of all, masarap talaga food nila. Sa wedding ko kasi, lahat ng guests ko mga foreigners. They loved the food dahil terno at bagay siya sa theme. Magaling ang Juan Carlo mag-conceptualize ng pagkain.”


    Rufa Mae first came across Juan Carlo in 2014, where she was a model for Bridal Fair. Her next encounter with the catering service was at her friend’s wedding. After seeing exactly what the company can do, she decided to make Juan Carlo the catering service for her wedding.


    Since her husband’s family is Chinese, she says that they highly value delicious food. He insisted that their menu be made of purely Filipino dishes. The couple had two food tasting sessions with Juan Carlo before they reached their final decision.


    According to Rufa Mae, the food that she liked best during her wedding were the street food served. More specifically, the fish ball, kwek-kwek, and squid balls. Ultimately, her favorite dishes of the night were the beef oxtail kare-kare and fresh seafood such as oysters, crabs, and shrimp.


    Rufa Mae says that with Juan Carlo, you will be guaranteed delicious food, good service, and even attractive-looking staff.


    EATSplorations Blog

    Eatsplorations Blog

    Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

    The EATSplorations Blog is a popular food and travel blog headed by Mr. Eats (real name Mark) and Mrs. Eats (real name Bianca). The idea came to be from the couple’s love of eating and exploration. Taking what they learned from their experiences in Jakarta, they currently search the Philippines for good food and new adventures.


    Now a food-loving family of three with the addition of their little daughter Sabine, their blog has become a trusted source for constant food reviews from all over the country.


    The couple encountered Juan Carlo in a cross-industry event entitled, “Who’s Cooking?”. The event paired 11 chefs with 11 caterers who were tasked to make a five-course menu. Juan Carlo was paired with Chef Tatung Sarthou, a noted face in the food industry with projects spread over print, television, and social media.


    The dishes were presented during the Grand Reveal Party at The Blue Leaf Events Space last July 27, 2019.


    Here’s what the food lovers had to say about Juan Carlo and Chef Sathou’s course:

    “Juan Carlo was definitely one of the stars of the Who’s Cooking Event. The food Juan Carlo and Chef Sarthou were making was such a sight to see. The chefs were quick and efficient while preparing the dishes. They were able to serve large crowds without running out of food. Their speed and cleanliness were very impressive.”


    When asked about what they liked best about the food and services of Juan Carlo, the couple answered that they enjoyed the quality and taste of the dishes made. They were impressed at the full package of Juan Carlo, from the food to the event styling.


    Overall, the EATSploration team said that they very much enjoyed their experience. They went on to say that Juan Carlo’s catering paired with Chef Tatung Sarthou‘s skills was the ideal combination.


    Charisse Tinion

    Charisse Tinion

    Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

    Charisse Tinion is the owner of Nice Print Photo Company, one of the leading companies in Digital Photo and Video Services in the country. The company aims to capture unforgettable moments and preserve memories of a lifetime.


    She is very hands-on with clients in order to personally deliver quality service. After hosting successful events one after the other, Ms. Tinion has become a recognized expert in her field.


    In terms of food for events, she looks for a menu with consistently good dishes. One of the catering services in Quezon City that she trusts enough to recommend to her clients is Juan Carlo. Here is what she has to say about her experience:

    “Food is always consistently good. It is served hot and the presentation is always outstanding! I like everything they serve but my favorites are the Crab Tumbler and Mediterranean Spicy Chicken Wings for appetizer and the Rib Eye Steak and Lengua for main dishes and many more.”


    Ms. Tinio shares that she enjoys the personalized service that Juan Carlo gives, especially from its owner Alex Del Rosario. She has noticed how he personally attends to all the needs and details requested by the client.


    This type of customer service has spread throughout his company. When asked about which part of Juan Carlo she considers incredibly useful, she highlights that the company’s waiters are always attentive and courteous.


    In general, she says that Juan Carlo is always perfect. The experience that she has every time she collaborates with the company is always great. That is why Juan Carlo is a delight to have in each of her events.


    In her words, Juan Carlo is 100% perfect. Always.


    Anna Mabasa-Muhlach

    Anna Mabasa Muhlach

    Facebook | Instagram

    Anna Mabasa-Muhlach is a local entrepreneur. She runs two online stores: thingamabobsmnl and sugarbabyph. Her businesses have garnered her over 19,000 followers on Instagram, making her a rising personality to look out for.


    On May 20, 2019, she married longtime partner AJ Muhlach, a veteran actor and the younger brother of actor Aga Muhlach. With the services of Juan Carlo, the happy couple were able to celebrate their wedding in Sandari Batulao, a mountainside wellness community in Batangas.


    In terms of food, here’s what she has to say about Juan Carlo:

    “The food presentation was unlike any other. The plating was beautiful and it matched our wedding theme. The guests also enjoyed the food which made it more special for me. We received high praises from them because we chose Juan Carlo.”


    She was glad to have presented her guests with a delicious set of dishes, even if it meant that she would not be able to indulge in them herself. However, Juan Carlo made it possible. They served her and her husband a delicious meal before the wedding reception began.


    Besides the delectable dishes, she says that she enjoyed the consistency of Juan Carlo’s services. From the food tasting up to the actual event, the service was above and beyond. She would also like to commend the staff due to how attentive and courteous they all were.


    When asked for one word to describe her wedding, she chose the word perfect. She genuinely believes that her dream day would not have been possible had she chosen another caterer.


    When asked to describe her experience with Juan Carlo? She answered,

    “Top-notch! If I have to rate the experience out of 10, I would give Juan Carlo a 20!”


    Danielle Avanzado

    Danielle AvanzadoInstagram

    Dani Avanzado is a freelance writer. She is currently a contributor at Phil Star Supreme. Though she greatly enjoys writing about food, she knows the best part is both getting to cook and eat it.


    Her encounter with Juan Carlo was also at “Who’s Cooking?” The partnership event between The Blue Leaf and Our Awesome Planet. In her blog, she explains the setup of the event as a buffet-style dinner. Each collaboration between chef and caterer had a station that guests could come to and grab a dish.


    In terms of Juan Carlo’s collab with Chef Tatung Sarthou, here’s what she had to say:

     “The food was arguably the best of the night. All the flavors and ingredients utilized in each dish are worth coming back for. I feel that out of all the menus, Juan Carlo’s was curated best. Everything seemed to be well thought out and well-executed. There were risks taken which were carried out with much success.”


    She shares that if she were to choose a set for her own personal event, she would choose the one by Juan Carlo. The dishes had all of her favorite flavors and textures. Smoky, charred meat – fresh ingredients and a dessert that was not too sweet.


    The dish that made the most remarkable impression on her was the Tropical Rendezvous. Even though she is not a fan of desserts and “deconstructed” dishes, she enjoyed the collab’s take on it. The flavors were not too sweet nor overpowering.


    She goes on to explain that one of the highlights of Juan Carlo’s collaboration was how the dishes were presented. Even if five small courses were made, she could understand the order in which the chefs wanted her to consume the food.


    She believes that the reason why Juan Carlo’s food was so enjoyable was because the people who worked on the food really enjoyed doing so. This spilled over to her experience eating, which made her believe that the dishes were some of the best of the whole event.


    Eric “Eruption” Tai

    Eric “eruption” Tai

    Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

    Eric “Eruption” Tai is a Tongan actor, TV & events host, and fitness personality in the Philippines. He was a host on ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime, where he went by his screen name “Eruption”. After leaving the show, he joined The Amazing Race Asia with his wife Rona Jane Samson. He has since gone on to be part of teleseryes such as Bagani and Ngayon At Kailanman.


    For their March 2015 wedding, the couple availed of the experienced catering services in Quezon City. With the aid of Juan Carlo, their wedding ceremony was held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Cubao, Quezon City.


    Here’s what he had to say about Juan Carlo’s service:

    “The best part I enjoyed about Juan Carlo’s service is that, whenever we met, it was always on time and swift to the point. They always made an effort with meeting our needs. I’ll give them a 9 out of 10. The best score I’ve ever given to any caterer!”


    This high score, he says, was due to Juan Carlo, their tip-top service, and delicious food. From the food tasting to their actual wedding day, they received only the best service.


    One of the services of Juan Carlo that he found most useful during their special day was the servers. He noted that they were incredibly helpful to all of their guests. They also worked quickly and in a respectable manner.


    When asked how he would describe his experience with the company, he answered that he considered Juan Carlo as one of the best caterers out in the field. If you want great service, Juan Carlo would be the best option for you.


    Tiffany Tolones

    Tiffany Tolones

    Facebook | Instagram

    Tiffany Tolones is a writer for blogs such as Manila Insider and When In Manila. She has written a variety of reviews and articles on topics that cater to food and lifestyle. Her resume includes all types of food adventures, from food parks to new gastronomic delights.


    The first time she experienced Juan Carlo’s services was at the exclusive September 2018 Culinaire County Fair. Over 15 caterers had their own designated areas to showcase their food creations and event set-up. One of the booths that caught her attention was Juan Carlo’s.


    As the theme of the night was County Fair, all the caterers tried to show off their Southern flavors. Juan Carlo’s beef entree was what enticed the writer. One bite showed her how tender the beef was. Despite how long the event was, the dish retained its melt-in-your-mouth goodness.


    She also described how memorable the other beef dishes were to her. It had the right balance of sweetness and saltiness, with the meat melting in her mouth as she tasted it.


    Besides the food, she was also amazed by the welcoming staff. Culinaire had over 700 guests in attendance. Juan Carlo’s servers were able to assist everyone coming up to their booth. They were also able to approach people in order to check up on their experience. She says that it was a nice touch that rounded up her food experience well.


    Here’s what she has to say about how Juan Carlo compared to other caterers:

    “It’s a given that caterers should provide great tasting food. Everyone expects that. What Juan Carlo did was to provide its customers with an enjoyable experience —from the setup and menu, to how its staff served you during the event — as you enjoy the great tasting food they prepared.”


    These are just some of the honest reviews given by personalities that have experienced Juan Carlo’s services first-hand.


    Key Takeaway

    From what personalities have said above, there are three characteristics to a successful event: good venue, good food, and even better service.


    Whether your event is a wedding, a debut, or any other grand celebration, expert catering services in Quezon City such as Juan Carlo has got you covered. Work hand-in-hand with skilled events managers in order to pull off your dream event.


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