The Pergola

Located within the property of Manila’s renowned CCP Complex in Pasay City, the Pergola is a wonderful venue fit for memorable occasions like corporate events, debuts, weddings, and children’s parties.

The unique octagon-shaped reception hall provides a great amount of space for medium sized events for up to 150-220 people. Surrounding the venue is a lush tropical garden, a spacious terrace, a fish pond with a scenic waterfall, and garden trellis. The venue can also be adjusted to hold bigger events, with a varied combination of indoor and outdoor that provides a fresh and beautiful atmosphere. For those looking for an accessible and convenient location, the Pergola provides you with a great venue for the most memorable events.

Juan Carlo & The Pergola

The Pergola has a partnership with Juan Carlo catering services to make sure your special day will be unforgettable. Both of our exceptional expertise will for sure deliver all your wants and needs on your event day.

“Juan Carlo The Caterer works hand in hand to make your dream events”

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