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    Steps In Planning A Perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration

    What are the steps in planning a perfect Valentine’s Day celebration?

    1. Schedule a date in advance
    2. Send romantic flowers
    3. Prepare an intimate dinner
    4. Dress to impress your partner
    5. Do not forget the small details
    6. Plan other activities for the day
    7. Engage in deep talks

    Happy Valentine’s day! Did you know that the history of this day began during the 3rd century in Rome? Legends say that a priest defied the emperor’s order forbidding the marriage of young men by secretly performing marriage rites for couples in love. As this day is marked to celebrate love, you must have a perfect Valentine’s Day plan for your partner. Keep on reading to learn more!

    Schedule A Date In Advance

    Schedule A Date In Advance

    If you’re both working, you and your partner will undoubtedly be busy during the Valentine’s season. If you’re certain of their schedule, you can get away with planning a surprise date, but just to be sure, communicate with them about setting a day to celebrate this occasion with just the two of you.

    This way, you and your partner will have time to prepare your gifts. You can still incorporate surprises here and there to make this day memorable for your loved one.

    Send Romantic Flowers

    Traditionally, flowers are given during Valentine’s Day. While chocolates are also nice, there is something about these aromatic blooms that sets the heart fluttering. It’s like sending a message without saying anything, as there is such a thing as the language of the flowers. As roses are the most popular choice for this occasion, did you know that different shades have different meanings?

    A deep red rose will unmistakably send your partner a message of deep emotion like love and longing, while a pink one will convey gentle admiration. If you’re looking to express your romantic feelings, you can’t go wrong with a red Ecuadorian rose from Juan Carlo.

    Prepare An Intimate Dinner

    Prepare An Intimate Dinner

    As Valentine’s Day is commonly spent eating out, you can expect that many restaurants will be booked during this busy season. If you’re planning to dine out at a nice restaurant, secure a reservation in advance so you can have your spot.

    But if you want a more intimate celebration, you can’t go wrong with having a romantic dinner at home. It is quieter and more relaxed than dining out. You can prepare your signature meals or order professionally curated dishes for a fine dining experience at home.

    Dress To Impress Your Partner

    If you’re in a long-term relationship, you may be wondering if you still need to dress to impress. Your partner won’t stop loving you if you don’t put the effort into your appearance. But from a romantic aspect, it will help set the mood during this intimate occasion.

    While you and your partner are closer than ever, it is recommended to spend effort in grooming for Valentine’s Day. Your partner will be happy knowing that he is a special person whom you can show the best version of yourself.

    Do Not Forget The Small Details

    Do Not Forget The Small Details

    Whether you decide to dine out or spend an intimate dinner at home, it is a good idea to pay attention to the details. Try placing scented candles on your dinner table, putting up pictures of the two of you around the room, or setting up heart decorations. A little time and effort will make a world of difference.

    To set a romantic mood, the following ideas might help you:

    • Use Christmas lights to illuminate the room
    • Tie red ribbons on flowers and plants
    • Have a handwritten card on the table
    • Scatter rose petals around the room
    • Set aside some chocolates for dessert
    • Have a bottle of wine ready after dinner

    Plan Other Activities For The Day

    If you have time for a whole day, it is recommended to plan other activities leading to an intimate dinner at night. Think of something you and your partner will enjoy so you can make the day memorable. Some ideas you can do include:

    • Going for a picnic at the nearest park
    • Looking at the skyline at night
    • Biking together on a beautiful path
    • Planning a surprise breakfast in bed
    • Going on a simple trail hike for fresh air
    • Engaging in a game night
    • Spending time in a museum

    Engage In Deep Talks

    Engage In Deep Talks

    Due to the business of life, it is hard to talk about meaningful things with your loved one. A Valentine’s date is a great opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation, whether you communicate about life itself or your plans for the future.

    You know your partner best and whether it is time to talk about plans of marriage and settling together. If you prefer, you can take it slow and get ideas by reading wedding blogs. If you wish to have this special occasion soon, you can attend a tasting event by Juan Carlo the Caterer.

    Key Takeaway

    Having a perfect Valentine’s Day plan is key to making this season of hearts memorable for you and your loved one. But if things don’t go according to your expectation, don’t fret and just do your best to enjoy this special occasion. There will always be other opportunities to plan these dates, as long as you stay strong and commit to each other.

    If you’re interested in wedding packages, trust only Juan Carlo. As an experienced caterer to those with finer taste, they will make your dream event come true on your special day. For any questions and inquiries about their catering packages, do not hesitate to send a message here.