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    Perfect Food for the Summer

    summer food catering

    What are the perfect foods for a summer in the Philippines?

    1. Street Food
    2. Strawberries
    3. Halo-halo
    4. Durian
    5. Sorbetes
    6. Ice Candy
    7. Fruit Shakes
    8. Mais Con Yelo
    9. Buko Juice
    10. Chilled Taho
    11. Leche Flan

    It’s the summer season and it’s the time for some fun under the sun! The best thing about summer is that everything seems to take a different hue, from lavish night time parties at the beach to a gorgeous wedding catering in the metro. Summer can make so many things magical, which is why a lot of satisfied customers coordinate with Juan Carlo to cater a beautiful summer event with delicious food.

    Summer is also a special time where certain foods can only be fully enjoyed during this wonderful season. In fact, studies show that out-of-season food can actually have its taste and experience deepen, especially during the summer season.

    Research suggests that some experiences in summer are special because most of them invoke a sense of nostalgia that can take anyone back to their younger days. Those were the times when it was okay to stay out and play traditional Filipino games as well as sports-related activities with friends. After all of that is done, they would go to one of their friend’s houses and they would be served food that they would crave for even when they’re not hungry.

    Summer time food fun

    summer juan carlo catering

    Aside from the hydrating food we listed in an earlier post, here are some examples of foods that are perfect for the Summer season:

    Street food

    Directly correlating the research on the psychology of enjoying summer food, street food is one of the best kinds of food to be enjoyed during the season of the sun. Of course, street food is available every day of the year when the familiar and friendly manong parks his cart in front of the office building; while this is true, street food actually tastes better when enjoyed during the summer, away from work and the hustle and bustle of the metro.


    While strawberries are carefully grown in places with a cooler climate, there are actually special techniques growers employ in order for them to grow during the summer. While these summer strawberries aren’t exactly the same as the traditional strawberries people enjoy in Baguio, these strawberries taste the same as normal strawberries. The difference being is that summer strawberries are quite harder to grow compared to normal ones – and that’s where their charm shines. Enjoying a chilled-to-perfect strawberry dipped in cream during the heat waves of summer? Bliss.


    This chilled favorite is available for consumption all year round and is especially best enjoyed during the summer season. Each spoonful of fruity, milky goodness will not only quench the eater from the heat of the sun, it will also remind them of the simpler days of their childhood.


    Now this one can be a tough addition. Not everyone can tolerate the smell of the “King of the Fruits”, but its taste is to die for and ironically, its smell too is to die for as well, albeit in a different manner than its actual taste.

    The most hardcore of all durian fanatics will argue that while the smell is unappetizing, the milky and creamy texture of the durian is a unique experience in itself. Its taste more than makes up for the uncomfortable smell that the fruit exudes.


    This is a treat for all kids during the summer and they would patiently wait all day for manong sorbeto to pass by with his colorful ice cream cart. Inside the cart would be the iconic sorbetes, which is the Filipino-made ice cream that is made from carabao’s or coconut milk.

    It can also come in chocolate, mango, ube, and cheese flavors and can also be served on a cone or in a bun. Because it comes in such an assortment, all kids will definitely be satisfied when manong sorbeto comes around.

    Ice Candy

    Ice candy is a treat for all ages while also being the most affordable frozen treat that one can buy. Essentially, it is just juice that is placed in a candy wrapper and frozen overnight. With a variety of flavor available, there is no doubt that this treat can be enjoyed by everyone from all walks of life.

    Even though the process of making one is simple, the taste and refreshment factor it gives people is something that people crave for consistently. Truly, a treat to cool down even the hottest of temperatures.

    Fruit Shakes

    Sometimes, to beat the summer heat, one just needs a cold refreshment. Why not add satisfy this craving by indulging in a tasty drink blended with fruit and ice? Depending on how it is made, this can actually be a way to keep oneself hydrated while taking in some healthy nutrients.

    Creating one is simple too! A few slices of fruit just need to be mixed together with sugar, milk, and shaved ice in a blender and will only take a few seconds.

    Mais Con Yelo

    This is another best seller especially during the summer. The mais con yelo is simply a glass of shaved ice with sweetened milk and sweet corn kernel. It can also be enjoyed with add-ons such as a scoop of ice cream, corn flakes, and rice crispies.

    Buko Juice

    The tropical fruit, buko (coconut), can be seen all over the Philippines. Because of this, a good source of nutrition is always nearby. In fact, if you’re looking for a great counterpart for buko juice, the meat can actually make a great source of calories.

    Adding ice to young buko juice can make a really refreshing drink and it can be accented with buko strips, milk, and sugar. You can even serve it in a whole coconut shell to give it that ‘authentic’ feel.

    Chilled Taho

    Although this snack usually comes with hot caramel, it also comes in a colder version called ‘chilled taho’. It is still made of the same ingredients: silky soy pudding, tapioca pearls, and caramel sauce. The only difference is that it is a chilled version; usually refrigerated.

    Leche Flan

    Even though it is just an ingredient for halo-halo, Leche Flan is also delicious dessert on its own. It is usually present at any social gathering including summer fiestas and it has a sweet and creamy caramel desert made of eggs, sugar, and milk, that is usually served cold.

    Key Takeaway

    Of course there are many other food that can be enjoyed during the summer but these four are among the most delicious food that people can enjoy during the summer.

    Are you interested in experiencing the most breathtaking wedding catering experience the summer and the metro can offer? Give Juan Carlo’s services a try!