Palm Beach Resort

Batangas’ rustic open-air run smoothly with the resort’s Balinese-style casas—you feel a cozy sense of home as you lounge by the serenity of the beach setting. It also has outdoor playgrounds, cabanas, beach volleyball spots, infinity pools, and Jacuzzis which will surely delight the whole family.

Palm Beach Resort is located in the secluded areas of San Juan, Batangas. The resort is a less than 3-hour drive from Metro Manila; the location alone makes it an ideal getaway vacation spot for locals and foreign travelers.

Juan Carlo & Palm Beach Resort

Palm Beach Resort is one of the most breathtaking beaches along Laiya. This place is perfect for those looking to get a peaceful change of pace from the party crowds that flock many beaches. Tranquility permeates when you find yourself relaxed within the exclusive retreats to nature. This place is a lovely haven for intimate romantic getaways as well as for group events that call for celebration. The beautiful and calming aesthetic of Palm Beach Resort is wonderfully juxtaposed with their different adrenaline-raising outdoor facilities: speedboats, kayaking, snorkeling, and the like.

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