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    4 Outdoor Wedding Catering Considerations

    What are some outdoor wedding catering considerations?

    1. Be Prepared For The Weather
    2. Let Your Caterer Indoors
    3. Plan The Menu Accordingly
    4. Extra Fees

    An outdoor wedding can be an incredibly magical experience. But if you plan to tie the knot outdoors, you need to be prepared for challenges that are different from having a traditional indoor wedding. These outdoor wedding catering considerations should be on the back of your mind as you plan the wedding.

    An experienced wedding caterer would be knowledgeable in factors that you have to remember for outdoor weddings. By knowing what to expect, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make your outdoor wedding a fun and memorable one. Keep reading to learn more!

    Be Prepared For The Weather

    The number one factor that you’d have to remember is the weather. As opposed to indoor weddings, the weather can become your greatest adversary. It can ruin a perfectly good outdoor wedding easily, so you should do everything that you can to prepare for it.

    Even though we have many sunny days in the Philippines, we are also prone to sudden, unexpected bursts of rain no matter the time of year. Just in case a sudden downpour happens, have a backup plan ready. Find a place where your guests can retreat and where the celebration can continue. It is also best if everyone, including the caterers and other staff, is informed of this.

    If all is properly prepared, not even inclement weather will be able to ruin the day’s festivities.

    Let Your Caterer Indoors

    Let Your Caterer Indoors

    As much as possible, give your caterer some indoor space where they can work properly. It would be better if this working space had power and clean running water. Some locations might not have a building where the catering team can work. However, you will get a better experience if the caterers are working in ideal conditions.

    If indoors is impossible, at least give them a dedicated working space under a tent for shade. Try and get them to a water source and find power as well. If none of this is really possible, then you should discuss realistic catering options with your caterer. They know what they’re doing, so listen to their advice and your special day will still go well!

    Plan The Menu Accordingly

    Your menu should be planned with regard to the environment of your outdoor wedding and the expected (and unexpected) weather conditions. Remember that serving food at a remote location is not easy, especially in less than ideal working environments.

    If you know that your outdoor wedding will happen somewhere difficult to reach or with especially high or low temperatures, plan your menu for it. Make sure that the food you will be serving is not too difficult to maintain and create.

    You should also think about how the food will get to the guests. If you plan on having it somewhere covered with a canopy of trees, then cover at least the kitchen, the dining area, and the path towards it. This will avoid leaves, twigs, or even insects to drop in unwantedly on your food.

    If the day is hot, you should prepare plenty of nonalcoholic beverages. Believe me, your guests will appreciate having something refreshing to drink. You should also refrain from cakes that melt easily under heat if you plan on having an outdoor wedding in such conditions.

    Extra Fees

    Extra Fees

    Naturally, your caterers will have to bring out extra equipment, money, and people to accommodate your event too. This means that they’ll be charging additional fees, such as transport fees, delivery fees, equipment fees, or something else. You should also expect possible fees from the location itself. You could be charged with cleaning fees and fees for a permit to hold an event.

    Overall, outdoor weddings warrant additional fees. If you really want that outside feel for your wedding day, be prepared to shell out more cash than you would for an indoor event.

    Key Takeaway

    It takes a lot of effort, manpower, and teamwork to make your day special. But it’s not impossible. With these outdoor wedding catering considerations, you should be ready for anything that could come your way. While planning, discuss details with your caterer (and wedding planner, if applicable) and bring up the items listed here.

    An experienced, professional wedding caterer is a good partner to have in an outdoor wedding. At Juan Carlo, we have been catering weddings, indoor and outdoor, since the day we were formed in 1995. If you want guaranteed quality service and a menu of delectable choices for your outdoor wedding, feel free to contact us anytime!