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    Professional Mini Buffet Catering In The Philippines With Juan Carlo

    Whenever you’re at a small party, food is the one thing that you’re looking out for. Filipinos just simply love to eat — it’s a crime to hold any type of celebration without serving food to your guests. It’s even considered as the main event in any kind of gathering. If you want to make your future parties better, think about partnering with a company to do your mini buffet catering in the Philippines. You don’t even have to think about whether your guests will like the food or not — that’s already a guarantee. With Juan Carlo, you’ll get nothing less than that.

    Our Food

    Our Food

    Juan Carlo has been in the professional catering industry for many decades now. Founded by a couple with a burning passion for the gastronomic wonders of the world, it’s no surprise why our food is just some of the best out there. Through years and years of continuous experimentation and innovation, we have been able to perfect our recipes to give you only the best mini buffet catering in the Philippines. Compromise is a word not found in our vocabulary — whether big or small events, our food is guaranteed to not only satisfy stomachs but to create a lasting impression in everyone’s minds. 

    Using only the freshest ingredients, we have been able to create unforgettable dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. Think you’ve known all there is to know about food? Think again — Juan Carlo exceeds your expectations. Through our mini buffet catering in the Philippines, you can be guaranteed a full course menu of your choice as well as a wide variety of food options.

    Full Course Menus

    Juan Carlo can customize a full-course menu for you, complete with starters, the main course, soups, side dishes, and desserts. 

    We offer mouthwatering starters like savory bruschetta topped with just some of the creamiest and most exquisite cheeses on the planet. It’s garnished with fresh slices of tomatoes and basil to achieve that elusive, full-bodied flavor. This appetizer can be accompanied by any European-style dish of your choice. Our perfectly-seared Salisbury beef steak is served with our house special gravy. If you prefer fish, we can also cook a sizzling blue marlin steak drizzled in a rich, buttery sauce, or a lighter, French-style baked tilapia filet en papillote. Finish off your buffet with a selection of our flaky, Euro-inspired pastries like Parisian fruit tartlets or a fluffy German blitz torte. 

    Variety of Choices

    We’ve just given you a taste of our mini buffet catering in the Philippines. Every food that we serve on the table has been made with the love and passion of our professional cooks. They’re not only capable of cooking European dishes, but also a wide variety of cuisines that we’ve already come to know and love. Whether it be Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and more, your party will be served with only the most memorable food.

    Why not enliven your small dinner party with our classic Filipino dishes? Our juicy crispy pata or tender beef caldereta will surely bring back memories of mom’s home-cooking. Looking for something else? Try out our very own sashimi or cold cut bar. Experience melt-in-your-mouth goodness with fresh and tender meats, prepared and cooked especially for you and your hungry guests. 

    Our Service

    Our Service

    Our mini buffet catering in the Philippines wouldn’t be possible without our professional staff. Each of them has undergone the proper training to create an excellently-served mini-buffet event for you. We don’t just get the job done with our food — we go beyond by providing world-class catering service in every event that is tasked to us. Professional-planning was evident right from the start. 

    Package Options

    As part of our mini buffet catering in the Philippines, we have multiple package options that you can choose from. We will not only cover the food aspect but also the design aspect of the event if need be. It’s especially important to consider if you’re planning a themed-event that requires a set of professional hands to make it come alive. 

    Likewise, the food that’s served is the best accompaniment. Each package can be customized to suit your preferences — you need only tell us what you want, and we’ll get the job done for you. Our standard offerings such as bread, soups, salads, main entrées, desserts, and drinks selection can be tailor-fit to your needs.

    Well-Trained Staff

    Juan Carlo’s well-trained staff are all prepared to handle different types of events. They can accommodate any request that is asked from them to the best of their abilities. If in the past, you haven’t had a good experience with a catering service provider, then we’re ready to turn your fortunes around.

    All of our staff are involved in the preparation process, so you can guarantee that they’re highly-skilled and knowledgeable throughout the entire catering event. Quality is at the forefront of our priorities, and we exemplify this by valuing you, our client, above everything else. Guaranteed that any event celebrated with Juan Carlo will be nothing short of smooth-sailing. 

    Professional Planning

    Juan Carlo’s professionalism is not like any other. We exhibit this quality in all levels of the consultation, planning, and preparation process because we believe only in giving an exceptional mini buffet catering in the Philippines. 

    Our lines of communication are always open to accommodate any inquiries, comments, or suggestions that you may have from us. If you want some changes made, let us know, and we’ll be able to arrange to make it happen for you. 

    Events Perfect for Mini Buffet Catering

    Events Perfect for a Mini Buffet Catering

    Juan Carlo can provide services for mini buffet catering in the Philippines for a wide variety of events. We can cater to small dinner parties, birthday parties, intimate weddings, or business meetings. Our catering packages are highly versatile and can easily be adapted to your event of choice. 

    Small Dinner Parties

    Change up your small dinner parties by hiring Juan Carlo’s services! You don’t have to do it alone because we can assist you in planning out a small-scale dinner party, without all the hassle of planning. Tell us how you’d want to plan the layout of your event, and we’ll be able to sort it out for you. If you only need a buffet provider, then trust us to handle it. Simply let us know all the details and we’ll make a plan of the buffet menu — from the appetizers, down to the cocktails and desserts. Experience a fun-filled evening with your friends and family, only with Juan Carlo. 

    Birthday Parties

    Our mini buffet packages are also fit for any kind of birthday party that you have in mind. Our food is a perfect accompaniment for children’s birthdays and adult birthdays alike. Tell us what you want and all hands are on deck to get it done.

    Business Meetings

    Juan Carlo can provide the right kind of refreshments during long-hour business meetings. Our comprehensive list of full-course meal options features delicious meals, appetizing snacks, and refreshing drinks to complement professional meetings with your co-workers. 

    Choose Juan Carlo For The Best Mini Buffet Catering In The Philippines!

    When it comes to mini buffet catering in the Philippines, Juan Carlo is the one to turn to. We can transform any celebration into an unforgettable one, with our excellent food, exceptional planning, and world-class services. 

    Our buffet packages have been meticulously catered to serve those with the finer tastes in life. No catering job is too small for us, because we make the best out of everything. 

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