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    The Many Types of Chocolate


    Any kind of wedding requires catering – especially in the Philippines – where the eating is one of the bigger parts of the event. Thus, it’s important to choose a catering service that offers all the right course meals that appeal to both the guests and the couple themselves.


    Once that’s taken care of, consider the dessert carefully because that’s usually the course people look forward to, especially when chocolates are involved! Get to know its many types in this post and consider which one you want to have at your event:


    Chocolate Liquor

    The “liquor” in its name uses the older meaning of the word, which translates into “liquid” or “fluid”. It contains no alcohol, and is a main ingredient (along with cocoa butter) in creating the sweet consumable treat chocolate as we know it. It’s made by melting processed cocoa beans.



    Alternatively known as cocoa powder or unsweetened cocoa, this is made by slamming chocolate liquor to expel its fat. When about 80-90% of the fat is removed, then it’s ready; it’s most often used in low fat cooking due to it being able to retain the chocolate flavor while remaining “guilt-free”.



    This can refer to the cacao bean which itself comes in many forms – raw, roasted, crushed, or even grounded. This is the healthiest form of chocolate, as well as being the least processed.


    Ground chocolate

    Surely you are aware of the hot or cold chocolates available in café shops or in grocery stores. Try not to mix up ground chocolate and cocoa powder because they are completely unalike. Ground chocolate is usually only made for drinking purposes while cocoa powder is combined to other food or desserts due to its intense bitter taste. You wouldn’t want to be drinking an extremely bitter chocolate drink, right?


    chocolate brownie treats perfect for weddings


    Milk Chocolate

    Milk chocolate mostly contains milk and cream with only about 10% chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and sugar. It’s often commonly consumed as a snack but it can also be used as flavouring for all kinds of sweet treats.


    White Chocolate

    This type of chocolate may be related to milk chocolate because they both have the same color and sort of the same taste. However, the difference of the two is white chocolate contains 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk, and sugar in it. You may feel that white chocolate is has a more pronounced chocolate-y taste than milk chocolate due to the added cocoa butter.


    Sweet Chocolate

    Although the name is misleading, sweet chocolate usually tastes bittersweet due to the 15% chocolate liquor, differentiating sugar, and the cocoa butter in sweet chocolates.


    Dark Chocolate

    This is similar to sweet chocolate, but it contains 35% chocolate liquor, varied sugar amounts, and cocoa butter. Semisweet and bittersweet are also the other terms of dark chocolates. Eating this is actually healthy – as long as you don’t indulge!



    People often refer or see chocolates as the candies, truffles, chocolate with nuts, chocolate flavors (powders or syrups), and chocolate creams. This is the standard chocolate we all recognize and love molded into other products that have chocolate as its dominant ingredient.


    As a classic treat for all kinds of events, chocolate is one of the best things to serve to your guests. Just make sure that you get the right kind!