The Finest that Manila Catering Has to Offer

The Finest that Manila Catering has to Offer

Celebrations in different occasions can come in varying shapes and sizes. The bigger the celebration is, the grander the occasion will be! With that said, it’s always a great thing to celebrate any occasion with people closest to you, especially when it comes to the kinds of occasions where a lot of people are involved—and with Manila catering always ready to lend a hand, celebrations in the metro has never been so tantalizing!

Catering services in Manila can really make a splash for any celebration there is. After all, Filipinos are known for being the some of the most festive people around the world, what with numerous festivals, celebrations, and other traditions and customs the people and their families follow! Philippine cuisine is another highlight of the country, as a myriad of flavors can really entice anyone for a taste! With that being said, there are several reasons that help support the manila catering industry—and with more to learn about this industry, you may just be enlightened on the whole aspect of it!



The Catering Industry in Manila

The Catering Industry in Manila

Like that of other countries, the catering industry here in Manila can really showcase a lot of variety in their food, which is all worth showing off! When it comes to this, the catering industry in Manila deserves to be shed some light on, which will be done in the following paragraphs of this piece.

As known by many, the catering industry can be a great industry to work in—that and the fact that working in it can take you to various stages and types of it. Think of it this way: like many other industries to work for, there’s just as much variety in catering, this time with food as their highlight!

With that being said, there are different types of catering for the aspiring caterer to work in! Here are some of the best examples to take note of:


  • On-Premise Catering

This type of catering is usually done in most celebrations since many of them actually cater the food to guests while on location. When it comes to this, you’ll be able to choose between a lot of options for dishes you may like, which makes this type of catering great for any occasion!


  • Off-Premise Catering

This is basically the opposite of catering on premises. This involves the preparation of the food in a separate location, then serving it in a different location. In this case, you can think of it buying the food in bulk and serving it there!


  • Party Catering

While they also serve the food on the premises of the event, that is their only job! While most caterers also handle in the cleanup and last-minute changes that need to be handled, this kind of catering only focuses on the food itself.


  • Hot Buffet Catering

If you’re the type of guest that enjoys food that is straight from the pan or oven, then this type of catering can be the best one for you! This type of catering involves the caterers serving hot food to their customers, usually in insulated containers to maintain the heat and the freshness.


  • Full-Service Catering

This is the type of catering that is really common throughout each and every celebration around the metro! While they can also deliver the food to the event, they also cook it on-site for you. This also entails numerous personnel that will be responsible for the entire preparation part, down from cooking to serving. So, if you’re looking for an extravagant touch in catering, this may be the type for you!


These types of catering are what make the industry what it is today! Here in Manila, catering can be as wide and diverse as the city itself, which in turn can widen the scopes of services of various manila catering services—and no matter what type of catering you choose to avail for, you and your guests will be guaranteed the full ‘Pinoy’ treatment!

Of course, there are other things one should take note of when it comes to handling Philippine cuisine, which will now be explained in the next paragraph!



Cuisine in the Philippines and Their Highlights

Cuisine in the Philippines and Their Highlights

As mentioned time and time again, Filipino cuisine is one of the most treasured of all Filipino treasures. A mixture of inspirations and original creations, Philippine cuisine can definitely take you on various trips of flavor!

For the average foodie, each and every form of cuisine has their own specific highlights, especially when it comes to the overall preparation of the dish. For the cuisine in the Philippines, they definitely deserve their own list of highlights in their own special way! Here are some of the best highlights of Philippine cuisine you can look forward to seeing…or taste:


Unique Ingredients

One thing that comes with Philippine cuisine is the use of unique ingredients in cooking. Dishes such as adobo, menudo, nilaga, and others use ingredients that you wouldn’t commonly find in other versions of these dishes, with ingredients such as potatoes, boiled eggs, raisins, and bananas/plantains (commonly known in the Philippines as saba) being used in their preparation. While it may be uncanny, numerous Filipinos and other food enthusiasts have enjoyed the unique flavor combinations that these ingredients had to bring!


Attention to Cooking

Another highlight to include is none other than the fact that Filipinos are known to care for the things they do, especially when it comes to cooking! Philippine cuisine is prepared with much attention to detail and care for the process.

In fact, when cooking meat dishes for Philippine cuisine, some even go the extra mile to boil the meat for a certain amount of time to make sure that it’s soft and tender to the touch, which will definitely improve the overall flavor of the dish. Some even take the effort to marinade their dishes overnight in order to cook it the next day, with some even using certain ingredients that are, again, not commonly used for such purposes.

All in all, Filipino cooks are known to pay attention to their cooking—and with Manila catering services, you can be assured that your food will be well-cared for!


Each Province of the Philippines has Their Own Spin

Of course, this highlight of Philippine cuisine can really tip the scales in any favor! The Philippines boasts a whopping number of 7,107 islands, with 81 provinces for anyone to live in—and with those 81 provinces, each and every one of them has their own spin with each dish known in the country!

Take, for instance, adobo. Adobo is one of the most iconic dishes in Philippine cuisine, and as such, various provinces have taken placed their own spins into the dish; provinces in Southern Luzon, for example, have taken to adding coconut milk into the recipe, making a creamier version of the dish.

Other provinces have also taken to adding seafood in place of pork and chicken, while some have also added turmeric powder to give it a curry aesthetic and flavor. In any case, there are different flavors to explore, flavor that’s just as wide and diverse as the country itself!



The Best Dishes for Manila Catering

The Best Dishes for Manila Catering

With all the different dishes being showcased around the Philippines, Manila catering services can certainly do their best to deliver what their customers want! Here are some of the top dishes you can look forward to being served in Manila catering services:


  • Pork Barbecue

When it comes to one of the most common foods served in Manila catering, it’s none other than this savory dish! Marinated and grilled beyond perfection, pork barbecue can be great for any occasion in mind. They can be served in bunches or in piles, but none hold a candle with them being served in sticks! Either way, you will surely see pork barbecue in a lot of manila catering events!


  • Pancit

Inspired by the Chinese, pancit is a noodle-dish that is said to grant long life to those who eat it. That aside, the way pancit can be served can vary, again, depending on the province the dish is made in. Another thing that makes this dish great is that, given the belief of long life being granted when eaten, there are more and more chances that you’ll be able to eat them in various Manila catering events.


  • Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken is another Filipino favorite that is seen in most establishments, especially because of the diversity it shows! Seen all around the world, the Philippines’ version of this favorite comfort food is known for being one of the best to be served in catering events around Manila. It’s easy to prepare, crispy to the touch, and will surely guarantee your caterer’s trays being empty in less than a minute!


  • Spaghetti

Spaghetti is another international dish that has been given its own, unique, Filipino touch. Known for its savory-sweet flavor, spaghetti can be enjoyed in different occasions, especially by people of all ages! So, if ever you’re thinking of something fun to add to your manila catering menu, why not this dish?


  • Lumpia

Inspired by the original spring roll from China and other parts of Asia, lumpia is another Filipino favorite that’s been regarded as iconic over the years! In the country’s case, it can be served in a multitude of ways, whether deep-fried, steamed, or as is with the wrap. Plus, you can fill the roll with whatever filling you want, with the most popular ones being togue (which is filled with bean sprouts), Shanghai (which is filled with ground pork), and ubod (which is filled with an assortment of vegetables and is merely wrapped as is instead of being deep-fried).

These 5 dishes are some of the best dishes of Philippine cuisine that can be served to you on a literal plate in any occasion there is! There are other dishes out there that Philippine cuisine can boast just as much—and when it comes to being served in Manila catering events, your caterers can definitely do them justice!



Can Manila Catering Be Great for Weddings

Can Manila Catering Be Great for Weddings?

The answer? YES, IT CAN! The Philippines is one of the most beautiful places the world can ever show to people, with stunning imagery and a myriad of people to meet and hang out! When it comes to their cuisine, now that’s where the people of the Philippines can really shine! As mentioned before, with a myriad of flavors, ingredients, and cooking processes, Philippine cuisine definitely explodes with flavor!

Now, weddings are a different thing for Philippine cuisine. Weddings here in the Philippines can be as festive as anyone wants it to be—besides, why wouldn’t it be? Marriage is one of the most sacred occasions around!

One thing that makes weddings great is none other than the food! Nothing says festive than food being served to hundreds of guests that came to witness holy matrimony! Plus, with numerous options to choose from, especially with the wedding cake, Philippine cuisine can definitely make the occasion even more extravagant with a local wedding catering touch!

So, with all that, yes, Manila catering can be great for occasions like weddings! At the end of the day, weddings can be how you want it to be—and with Philippine cuisine in the mix, any occasion can be grand!

Of course, you’re probably thinking, “Who can we trust to make any events spectacular with manila catering?” If you’re looking for someone to work with to make any event you work on the grandest thing they’ve ever experienced, Juan Carlo is your guy!



Juan Carlo Catering Manila’s Finest

Juan Carlo Catering: Manila’s Finest

Occasions that call for celebrations should be enjoyed with manila’s finest in catering—and when it comes to that, Juan Carlo will surely be a great addition to your arsenal of event plans!

With a wide array of menus for anyone to choose from for any event, as well as fine, Filipino food that’s always available to serve. Whether its wedding or corporate catering in Manila, Juan Carlo will guarantee your event to be as satisfying as it is successful!

So, if you’re looking to learn more or avail of any services, click here!

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