How to Keep Kids Entertained at a Wedding

June 14, 2017

How to Keep Kids Entertained at a Wedding JUAN CARLO

Deciding whether or not to have kids present at your wedding is up to you – on one hand, having a wedding exclusively for the adults means less chances of having a screaming child during your vows. On the other hand, some invited parents might not be able to find a sitter and bail; kids can also be wonderful to have around.

Kids can be rowdy during the wedding and the reception, after all that’s just what kids do. However when they get upset and start throwing tantrums, it usually means that they are either hungry or craving for attention. Having a kid-friendly wedding means adjusting some things like the wedding catering (there should be dishes that the kids can enjoy) and of course, something to keep them busy while the adults are busy.



Most kids can stay in a good mood by giving them sweets and treats. Have someone trusted such as a family member walk around to offer treats and ask the kids to promise to stay on their best behavior. Be sure to choose snacks that are white or clear (like marshmallows and gummy bears) so that it won’t stain their clothes. In addition, permission from the parent must first be granted before giving kids any treats.


Guests want to bring their children to the wedding but often choose not to because they know they might cause a ruckus. You can designate an area just for the kids and hire a professional childcare service for your wedding to make sure all the kids are entertained. They can hold games, arts and crafts, and movie showings to make sure the kids have fun while the adults are free to mingle and enjoy the event.

Hire a Professional Kids’ Entertainer

While childcare services are trained to entertain kids, nothing beats a showman. You can hire an artist, a clown, or a storyteller. If you have the budget, then invest in a good magician or superhero impersonator. This would be epic if the entertainer plays perfectly into your theme. Kids playing with the showman could not only be fun for them, but also it could be delightful sight for your wedding so long as it doesn’t distract from the main event.

Have a Game Room

Sometimes kids don’t need adults to have fun; just each other, a lot of energy, and a few games. Assign a room in your reception venue just for them and fill it up all sorts of activities! You can have ping pong/hockey tables, board games, hula hoops, jump ropes, dolls, and even video games there to entertain them. If you’re going to hold your reception at a hotel or club, then you might find that their game room is good enough for this. For a garden reception, then outdoor games are the way to go.

Plan the Meals

Consider dividing the buffet into two sections: a big one for adults and a small one for kids. A separate table could be dedicated to kid-friendly food such as nuggets, hotdogs, and burgers. It’s like holding a mini kids’ party at your wedding. The reason why you want to do this is because kids don’t like waiting long for dinner and could end up getting rowdy or mad; they just want to eat and play. At this table, you can add cups of crayons with white butcher paper to give them something to do.

Goody Bags

Along the lines of the idea of having a kids’ party within your wedding, you can also give out goody bags. These can have snacks, little toys, bubbles, etc. that will keep the little ones entertained. The best part of this is these are really cheap to purchase and prepare, especially if there are only a handful of children at your wedding.


It is important that the kids are well fed, entertained, and cared for. Make them feel like it’s a celebration for them as well. You’re going to want to remember your wedding as the day that everyone was happy and celebrating for you and your future husband/wife; even the young ones.





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