A Guide to Planning an Intimate Wedding in the Philippines

August 13, 2020

A wedding event is something that should always leave a memorable experience. Some people prefer the crowd of large-sized weddings. Meanwhile, there’s simply nothing like celebrating a special day with only those whom you hold dear in your heart. Planning an intimate wedding in the Philippines, after all, should be exciting and should ignite the creative side in you. As long as you have the right considerations in mind, then you’re already halfway there. 



An intimate wedding in the Philippines wouldn’t be complete without celebrating it at the right church. There’s simply nothing like saying your “I do’s” in a meticulously-adorned chapel and having this occasion blessed by the grace of God. 

There are many churches that are located in some of the most extraordinary places in the country. In choosing the perfect one for your intimate wedding, you need to make sure that it serves the occasion in joining you and your partner in holy matrimony. We’ll check out stunning churches like San Antonio de Padua, Don Bosco Chapel on The Hill, and Caleruega Church. 

San Antonio de Padua

Nestled at the heart of Silang, Cavite, the San Antonio de Padua church is definitely a worthy contender for your intimate wedding in the Philippines. 

From the outside, the structure boasts a distinct architectural style that has been influenced by Italian elements. As you walk towards the main entrance, you’ll be greeted by the cool breeze of the lush greenery flanking the main archways. Inside the chapel, there’s no mistaking why this place should be on your list — the stained-glass windows will easily brighten up the entire space, illuminating the interior’s exquisite design and making for a lively, yet intimate wedding experience. 

Don Bosco Chapel on the Hill

Don Bosco Chapel on the Hill is no stranger to small-scale weddings. It has been the site of many celebrations of this kind and it shouldn’t be a surprise why. 

The church’s beautiful scenery is marked by a natural growth of greenery that has been cultivated over the years. On the walls leading up to the church proper, you’ll find a rich flora and fauna of nature that eludes many modern-day churches in the country. With this chapel, you’ll have the chance of getting an elevated view of the stunning landscape surrounding Mount Batulao of Batangas. There’s definitely no other place to hold a fairytale wedding.

Caleruega Church

Make no mistake of the size of Caleruega Church — this humble location has been home to some of the grandest wedding celebrations. Its vibrant and colorful landscape makes for a beautiful photo op between brides and grooms who can’t wait to get hitched on their day.

The church has all the markings to be a microcosm of Tagaytay City. The gorgeous pine trees surrounding the chapel brings about a whiff of freshness to the entire location. Nestled atop the highest hill in the land, the meticulously-brick-layered chapel is a definite crowd-pleaser. Start off your intimate wedding in the Philippines with either a humble or luxurious celebration inside this chapel — it’s all up to you. 



Church weddings may not really be everyone’s cup of tea. Some prefer the secular appeal of other contemporary and traditionally-designed locations without compromising the sanctity of the overall occasion. 

Looking through the different intimate wedding venues in the Philippines is all about maximizing the available space. Guests should have enough room to move about while ensuring that all the picture-perfect elements are in place. Having a successful wedding event is all about treading the fine lines. Check out why these places may be a good fit for your special day. 

Club Ananda

Club Ananda is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Nasugbu, Batangas. It’s perfect for those who want to experience a beachside wedding without all the drawbacks of the sweltering summer heat. If you’ve always wanted to celebrate your wedding by a poolside modern mansion, then this is the place to be. 

Hold a beautifully intimate wedding in the Philippines by the spacious function room located on the beautiful grounds of the estate. The room can accommodate the adequate size, perfect for a small wedding service. After everything has been said and done, take a dive in the cool, inviting waters, or lounge about in the poolside chairs while sipping a refreshing summer martini. 

Escala Hotel

Ever dreamed of celebrating your wedding with a breathtaking view of the Taal Volcano? The Escala Hotel in Tagaytay can transform this dream into a reality. This luxury accommodation features sleek and stylish contemporary architecture to provide its guests with the utmost comfort. 

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural land formation by staying in one of the hotel’s premier luxury suites. Stage your intimate wedding at the spacious, open-air pavilion that will surely impress everyone. Finally, enjoy an evening wedding after-party with your guests at the hotel’s main attraction — the infinity pool that has been designed to bring you closer to nature. 

Light of Love

Who says you can’t hold a beautifully intimate wedding in the urban jungle? Certainly not Light of Love in Quezon City. This Secret Garden Estate is your chance to break off from the monotonous and bustling world of the city. Its rustic and nature-driven architecture is truly a wonder to behold — you’ll feel like you’re transported to another dimension. 

This is the perfect place to hold a themed-wedding event. You have the option to choose from either al fresco or closed-door intimate weddings with its six defining function rooms, namely Cherish, Atrium, Loyalty, Integrity, Love, and Trust. The rooms feature brightly-lit interiors and adornments that are just right for your wedding occasion. This is your chance to offer you and your guests a relaxing, yet lively celebration. 



The intimacy of your small wedding event is just as good as the food served. Your guests are definitely anticipating the food especially after spending a good portion of the day witnessing this glorious event. They’re not just looking for something that would fill their stomach — they’d want something that they won’t forget, even after weeks to come. 

There’s no other catering service fit for the job than Juan Carlo. Our several decades of professional experience in the industry means that your most-awaited day will see nothing but delicious food at the most competitive price packages. 


Quality of food doesn’t just depend on its edibility. It should be, in many ways, an extension of the wedding itself. Every single item on the menu should be prepared as meticulously as possible, using only the fresh ingredients in order to satisfy your guests’ hungry stomach.

You’ll never go wrong with Juan Carlo’s food wedding packages. Experience a full, three-course meal complete with an appetizer, main dish, and dessert. Cleanse your palate with a fine selection of drinks and beverages that only Juan Carlo can bring you.


Planning an intimate wedding in the Philippines doesn’t necessarily mean blowing out on your budget. It’s all about coming up with a plan for your food expenses. Juan Carlo’s competitively-priced food wedding packages are all that you need. 

We are the right people to turn to, in planning out a well-budgeted wedding. Because we don’t compromise on quality, you can be assured that your wedding day only witnesses exceptional service from our end. Simply coordinate with us and choose the best catering package that suits your tastes.

Guest List

Guest List

Guests lists for an intimate wedding are fairly easy to come up with since you’re choosing only a few key people that you want to be present during the event. 

To make an organized list, consider categorizing each guest that you’ll be inviting in order to make the job easier for you. Once you’ve already written it all down, narrow down your attendees to those who will be present during the second highlight of the day — the after-party. 

Who Will Attend?

By now, you probably would have already sent out the proper invitations to the people you want to see on your wedding day. But if you find yourself stumped, categorize your guests into the following: family members, close friends, and co-workers. The key is to not overthink the number of guests you’ll be inviting. Think about the many people in your life whom you’re comfortable enough with, to celebrate your intimate wedding. 


Not everyone will be making it to the after-party, especially if this part of the day will definitely last long in the night. After-parties are supposed to serve a more relaxed environment where you can do as you please. 

It’s always a courteous move to let everyone know about holding this event after the wedding reception. In this way, you’ll be able to figure out who can make it, allowing you to make the necessary venue arrangements for further accommodation. 

Celebrate an Unforgettable Intimate Wedding in the Philippines with Juan Carlo!

Juan Carlo is the country’s premier catering service provider in the Philippines. Founded by a couple with an immense passion for all things gastronomy-related, we have since branched out to offering people with debut, wedding, and small party services. 

At Juan Carlo, we believe in giving our clients only the best experience possible. When it comes to intimate wedding ideas in the Philippines, you can guarantee that you’ll see only our best efforts.

Click here to learn more about how we can transform your special day into an unforgettable one!


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