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    4 Benefits Of An Intimate Wedding

    What are the benefits of an intimate wedding?

    1. You get to spend and reallocate money better
    2. Easier and less stressful to organize
    3. Focuses on quality time
    4. More venue and vendor options

    Getting married is one of your most important milestones in life as a couple. Therefore, your wedding calls for nothing less than the best experiences. And while it’s true that there are people who are all about extravagance during this big day, there are numerous intimate wedding benefits that prove smaller weddings don’t mean any less memorable.

    The pandemic made it a bumpy year for weddings. Couples were excited to have such a special day to tie the knot and catering services in Quezon City were set to make all these happen. With this, you might be thinking that your dream wedding might not happen the way you envisioned it.

    While the year did turn out different from what many of us expected, having a beautiful intimate wedding still offers to make your day extra special within the current guidelines.
    There are wedding packages in the Philippines that can adapt and adjust to make this unprecedented year still work for your dream wedding. Here are 4 reasons why having an intimate wedding is truly a beautiful and advantageous option.

    You Get To Spend and Reallocate Money Better

    You Get To Spend and Reallocate Money Better

    In essence, an intimate wedding is done on a smaller scale. A “regular” wedding will typically have between 50 to 150 guests. The main difference with intimate weddings is that they will have less than 50 guests, and more commonly around only 20 guests or less.

    Intimate weddings are all about involving only a handful of the dearest people in your life. If you are going small, then you would want to invite only your immediate family like your parents, siblings, and grandparents.

    Weddings are notoriously expensive and having an intimate wedding with a smaller guest list is one of the best ways to spend less when saying your “I dos”. Many couples don’t realize that most of the wedding budget goes towards accommodating guests.

    With an intimate wedding, you can spend less and reallocate money to other important matters. This means that delicious caterer, that stunning floral setup you wanted, or that dream honeymoon destination becomes a more viable option. Given that intimate weddings are typically more affordable, they are also perfect options for couples with a tighter wedding budget, or couples who would rather save some of the money to put towards their future financial goals.

    Easier and Less Stressful To Organize

    Planning a wedding is a lot of work and the larger your guest list, the more factors there are to think about. From creating the perfect table plan to inviting all the relatives — weddings are some of the occasions that prove bigger does not always mean better.
    It can be overwhelming, and sometimes feel like you are planning your wedding for other people than for you, as a couple.

    Intimate weddings are typically less stressful. You can welcome only your immediate family and your closest friends to make the event relaxed, and focus on the things that you truly want on your wedding day.

    Focus On Quality Time

    Focus On Quality Time

    Believe it or not, wedding events will most often pass within a flash. Think about the big weddings you have been to where the bride and groom spend their time at the reception moving from table to table to greet each guest.

    Weddings are so personal. They are all about love and exchange heartfelt vows. Weddings are also about entering a new phase in life with your partner with a ton of tears and laughter thrown in.

    You would want to spend substantial time with your guests on a more intimate level. An intimate wedding lets you slow things down and focuses on every memorable moment. Imagine inviting only the people who matter to you the most and actually spending quality time with each one of them. You can have one-on-one conversations and enjoy every moment.

    More Venue and Vendor Options

    Intimate weddings allow you to plan for things outside the box more. Given that you have to host, feed, and entertain fewer guests, you can get more creative with venue and vendor options. Nowadays, many vendors also offer intimate wedding packages too!

    Those small yet stunning venue options like gardens and beach venues that could never work for a bigger guest list are suddenly viable. Hiring a caterer that satisfies all the guest’s dietary restrictions is now easier. Setting up bespoke centerpieces is less labor-intensive. You can also personalize your party favors. The options are endless!

    Key Takeaway

    These are just some numerous intimate wedding benefits you can take advantage of! With fewer expenditures, less stressful accommodations, and more venue and vendor options you’ll find that you have more time to focus on the most memorable things about your wedding day.

    The beauty of an intimate wedding should not be underestimated, especially amid a pandemic where several factors should be considered.

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