Intimate Catering Services In The Philippines By Juan Carlo

March 21, 2020

Whenever you plan for an event, you want it to leave nothing less than memorable and fun experiences. And while it’s true that there are people who are all about extravagant parties, you can always opt to keep things simple. For intimate catering services in the Philippines, Juan Carlo is here for you.   

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has made it challenging for planning occasions. With this, you might be thinking that your dream event might not happen the way you envisioned it. 

At Juan Carlo, we are more than ready to ensure you and your guests’ safety. We have integrated the necessary strategies in all our catering packages.   

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, a small dinner, or even a business gathering during this pandemic – our team is here to cater to your event needs. Forget about worrying about whether your guests will enjoy the event. That’s already a guarantee at Juan Carlo! 

The Intimate Events We Cater To

Our years of experience in the food industry have made it possible to offer clients top-notch services. At Juan Carlo, we offer intimate catering services in the Philippines for all types of occasions. With a dedication to delivering an unparalleled customer experience, we are ready to cater to your event of choice.

Intimate Weddings

Intimate Weddings

If you’re not big on inviting extended family and your other friends, an intimate wedding is the best choice for you and your partner. At Juan Carlo, we help make your dream wedding possible. 

When it comes to weddings, the highlight of the occasion is the reception itself. This is when the union of the couple is completed and guests celebrate with them. For this, you can trust our account executives to ensure the event goes smoothly from the beginning until the end. 

To ease your mind about holding your intimate wedding in the Philippines during the pandemic, we have adopted several practices to ensure everyone’s health and safety:

  • The capacity of tables will be reduced to ensure that guests are two meters apart.
  • Our company’s safety practices are aligned with the Department of Health’s guidelines.
  • Company vehicles and high-risk areas inside the commissary will be frequently disinfected.
  • All of our well-trained staff will be equipped with proper personal protective equipment (PPE). 

As for the food being served, we can treat your guests like kings and queens by serving them mouthwatering plates individually. Moreover, our plated menu will be served with bigger portions to ensure that your guests won’t leave with hungry stomachs.  

If you want to opt for a buffet food setting, there will be a two-meter distance for the food choices. Acrylic dividers will be placed to avoid contact with guests and staff. Cutlery and glasses will be covered. Furthermore, the beverages will be served when the guests are on the buffet line. 

We will never sacrifice the quality and safety of your event. From dishes that are meticulously created by world-class chefs, to iconic theme styling, to professional planning – every detail is an expression of our service excellence. 

Private Dinner Parties

Private Dinner Parties

Hold the best private dinner parties by hiring Juan Carlo! Leave the hassle of catering to us. As the leading provider of intimate catering services in the Philippines, you can simply tell our team what you want your event to be like. 

Choose from our modified Social Buffet Package or our Social Plated Package. Here, we still adopt the necessary health guidelines for everyone’s safety. Everything from the appetizers, the main dishes, down to the beverages and desserts. We will ensure that all your guests will experience a memorable gastronomic experience.

Rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy your private dinner event to the fullest! 



Our intimate catering services in the Philippines are fit for any kind of birthday party, even kiddie birthday parties. While celebrating during quarantine can be a challenge, Juan Carlo is ready to make your ordinary birthday extra special.  

Enjoy the iconic dishes and styling along with exceptional interactivity in the creation of your event theme. Celebrants can choose exactly what they want to see during the event. 

During this pandemic, we don’t just practice strict health and safety practices, we also make ways to delight you and your guests.   

Private Business Gatherings

Private Business Gatherings

As companies adapt to the work-from-home setting, this may be the perfect time to boost employee productivity and morale through a private business gathering.   

Focus on important tasks at hand and successfully hold a business event with Juan Carlo’s Corporate Package. In an effort to ensure everyone’s health and safety, we offer pre-packaged meal options to avoid long queues in the line. With sealed in containers, every dish is guaranteed to be fresh. 

In line with our 25th anniversary, we have also created intimate catering packages in Manila that will fit your budget. No matter what organization you are from, we’re equipped with the expertise to make your gathering happen with ease. 

Why Hire Juan Carlo?

Why Hire Juan Carlo?

Versatile and World-Class Menu 

As the leading provider of intimate catering services in the Philippines, we understand that the quality of food is an important part of any event. 

At Juan Carlo, our flavorful dishes fall nothing short of world-class. While we offer time-tested Asian cuisine recipes, we also provide versatile cuisine options that are sure to impress your guests. 

Choose Juan Carlo for all your intimate events. With our years of experience and high-profile clientele, you can rest assured that every menu item curated will fit your tastes. 

Top-Notch Staff 

Picking the right catering service provider means going as far as checking the staff. After all, you want to be sure that your event will be pulled off smoothly. 

Thankfully, every staff member at Juan Carlo is trained to be professional. From chefs and account executives all the way to food attendees, everyone is dedicated to making your dream event happen. 

Professional Planning

We don’t just claim to be the leading intimate catering services in the Philippines, we have the credentials to prove it too!

As a food industry multi-award recipient, our company was not built on middle-class service. We define superior quality food and service through our trademark professional planning. From the beginning until the end of your event, we will ensure that our team will guide you. 

Juan Carlo: Your Go-To For Intimate Catering Services In The Philippines 

If you’re searching for the best intimate catering services in the Philippines, hire Juan Carlo! Even in the midst of quarantine, our team will ensure that you and your guests will enjoy every moment of the occasion.  

Each event we plan will adopt the necessary health protocols. At Juan Carlo, you and your guests have complete peace of mind.  

Click here to plan an intimate event with us!


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