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    Special Intimate Catering Packages in Manila by Juan Carlo

    As we may already understand, COVID-19 restrictions in the past have prevented mass gatherings from taking place. As time went on, however, these restrictions were eased and lifted in some parts of the country. People have been allowed to hold their much-anticipated social gatherings and events at a limited capacity. You’re probably wondering if it’s possible to hold grand celebrations at this scale — and it certainly is! With Juan Carlo’s intimate catering packages in Manila, you’ll still be able to enjoy meaningful celebrations without sacrificing on the quality. 

    Our catering services are the best accompaniment for almost any kind of event that you’ve been planning. Especially during this time, where safety is the priority, we have been able to adopt strategies for our packages. With our help, you can plan an event that meets all health and safety guidelines. Read on to learn more about our intimate catering packages in Manila.

    Small Social Catering

    Small Social Catering

    When it comes to intimate catering services in the Philippines, Juan Carlo is the perfect choice for any small social gathering of your making. In particular, our Modified Social Buffet Service can help you out with your needs. If you think that having a buffet service can’t be done during these times, then think again — our social buffet package is the one you’re looking for.

    We prioritize our clients and their guests’ safety, which is why we’ve made modifications to the way our buffet services are usually done. For the seating, we’ve made sure to limit the maximum capacity for each table. Each chair is positioned at least two meters apart, as part of our compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Department of Health. As one of our intimate catering packages in Manila, you can be sure that you’ll be able to enjoy the company of your friends and family in the safest and most feasible way possible.

    As guests are lining up to get the food, there will be personnel to ensure that long lines are avoided and now crowding takes place. Each person will be lined up at a distance, to prevent any fears of cross-contamination. Every staff member that is present on the site wears complete Personal Protective Equipment as they help you out with the buffet. Likewise, our exceptional food is stored in clean containers that are placed one meter away from each other. For the utmost safety of the guest, acrylic sheets will be placed on the buffet tables and containers in order to prevent potential contamination.

    As each guest is walking back to their table, they’ll find that cutleries and other utensils will be covered with clean table napkins. Our drinks and beverages will be served by our trained staff as you’re lining up to get the food, making sure that you make as little contact with others as possible. 

    Plated-Style Catering

    Plated-Style Catering

    If you’re not necessarily a fan of self-serve buffets, then our plated-style catering service is just the thing for you. After all, getting the food on your own can get pretty tedious throughout the duration of your event.

    Like our modified social buffet package, our Social Plated Buffet has been changed in order to welcome more stringent and rigorous health guidelines. Seating capacity will be slashed for each table to ensure a 2-meter distance between the furniture. As long as our guests are also wearing the necessary PPEs when they’re not eating, they can be safely attended to and entertained by our staff. 

    Our plated service stays true to the Juan Carlo mark of excellence — every dish that has been served to you is of exceptional quality and has been specifically curated, thanks to the expertise of your chefs. More than that, our food is also served in larger portions that you won’t find from other catering services. From perfectly-seared steaks to our signature dishes, our clients’ satisfaction is always our priority and we always make this known through our intimate catering packages in Manila. 

    Business Meetings

    Business Meetings

    Tired of holding business meetings and other corporate events remotely? Sometimes, they might not be as productive as you think. In fact, your employees or colleagues would respond better to these types of events if they’ve been carefully planned. The next time you’re planning a small meeting with only a few key people in your organization, allow our intimate catering packages in Manila to help you out. 

    Juan Carlo’s Corporate Package is your best bet yet. As always, our food stays true to our roots — you’ll be experiencing nothing but fine-quality ingredients cooked to perfection. Each meal that our personnel will serve is safely packed inside food-safe and airtight containers for your safety, as well as, to retain their freshness. Choose from a wide range of cuisines and food packages to find the right menu that fits your preferences. From timeless Juan Carlo classics to contemporary takes, each of our pre-packed meals is guaranteed to satisfy. 

    Running on a tight budget? We’ve got you covered! As part of our 25th-anniversary celebration, we’re offering you with staggering promos on this package. From whatever industry you belong to, we’ve got the expertise to make all your business events happen without breaking the bank. 

    Intimate Celebrations We Can Accommodate

    Intimate Celebrations We Can Accommodate

    In our two decades of experience, we’ve been able to cater to almost any type of gathering under the sun. From popular birthday celebrations to intimate weddings in the Philippines, our clients have entrusted our professionalism and our services to deliver mouthwatering and unforgettable buffets.

    Now’s your chance to make that happen! You now have the opportunity to hold intimate events that you’ve always dreamed of. From simple nights out with your friends to mini birthday parties, or graduations, Juan Carlo can help you create timeless memories. 

    Mini Birthday Parties

    Our intimate catering packages in Manila can suit any kind of mini-birthday party that you might have in mind. If you’re celebrating your birthday during quarantine, it can be pretty bleak. You might not really have the chance to be with all of your friends or family on your special day. Fortunately for you, our small event packages can transform an otherwise ordinary day into an eventful one.

    You have the option of choosing the layout and framework of your mini birthday party. You and your guests won’t be leaving with hungry stomachs at any time during the event. Our appetizers, main course, beverages, and dessert are just some of the best out there — and you have the freedom to choose! Each event that you plan with us guarantees you and your visitors with only the most stringent health and safety practices. 


    It may be unusual, but the reality is that not everyone has been able to celebrate their own graduations. If you’re part of this category, then you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on such an important celebration of your life? If you’re thinking about it, then yes, there is absolutely a way for you to hold your much-anticipated after-graduation party with our modified intimate catering packages. 

    Juan Carlo’s team of professionals will be present at every planning stage to provide you with assistance. Thinking of a themed graduation party? How about a simple and quiet dinner with your friends and relatives? We’ll help you choose the right menu, floor layout, seating arrangement, and more for a safe yet memorable party. 

    Get The Best Intimate Catering Packages in Manila from Juan Carlo!

    Don’t know how you can celebrate the momentous occasions in your life during this quarantine? Let our team at Juan Carlo help you out! With our intimate catering packages in Manila, you can stage mini birthday parties, after-parties, corporate conferences, or even small dinner events of your own choosing.

    Each of our catering packages and services has undergone the necessary transformations to produce a wholly-safe event for you and your guests. Safety is in every corner, from the food preparation, service, and down to the layout planning — our account executives will be with you every step of the way.

    Want to plan your intimate gatherings with Juan Carlo? Click here to get in touch with our team.