Instagram Worthy Catering Venues and Menus in Tagaytay

July 15, 2019

What are Instagram worthy catering venues and menus in Tagaytay?

  1. Affinitrees Tagaytay
  2. Alta Veranda Tagaytay
  3. Fernwood Tagaytay
  4. Narra Hill Tagaytay


A Tagaytay wedding package can become one of your best memories. The right place can be captured and preserved forever in a photo. You actually have a lot of beautiful places to choose from in Tagaytay. This city offers one of the best views you can find in the Philippines and can become even better if shared with your loved ones. A lot of stories are made during the right moment and even more, are made in the right venue. Here are some Instagram worthy venues you can check out for your events in the future.


Affinitrees Tagaytay

Affinetrees Tagaytay

If you’re looking for the ultimate venue, Affinitrees Tagaytay is an aesthetically pleasing venue that can be perfect for both intimate and large events. This place offers a wonderful view of the Taal lake with wonderful interiors and fresh open spaces. It creates a delicate balance of nature and modern architecture. Who wouldn’t want to have a lovely photoshoot with an overlooking view of the Taal lake? It’s a stylish venue that also offers a great food menu for your event. You can celebrate your once in a lifetime moment at Affinitrees and make the best of your day.

Affinitrees carries three venues that can accommodate a multitude of guests. The Serenity room of Affinitrees has a capacity of 50 people. You can hold your wedding reception or a small business meeting here. You can even choose this as a small team building venue if you wish. If you need a bigger venue, the Harmony and Symphony Hall combined can accommodate 300 people. If you really want to maximize the wonderful view you can opt for the garden, which can fit 60 people for intimate affairs.


Alta Veranda

Timeless moments can be created here at Alta Veranda. This exceptional venue screams romance in every way. The magnificent design of Alta Veranda de Tibig is inspired by Filipino-Spanish architecture. If you’re looking to celebrate a traditional wedding or event, Alta Veranda de Tibig is the perfect venue for you.

For over 350 people, El Pabelion de Jardin is an indoor air-conditioned venue with a surrounding garden. You can go all out on your royal wedding dreams in this specific venue. There’s 800 sqm available for you to use and maximize to get the perfect event of your dreams. Nature lovers can enjoy Daisy’s Garden which can accommodate 350 people. It has a total area of 1200 sqm, that’s perfect for garden parties, outdoor weddings, and other special occasions. For exclusivity, Entreseulo Hall has a maximum capacity of 200 people. It’s 300 sqm is great for wedding receptions and indoor parties. For outdoor events, Aquatore can accommodate 350 people with its 600 sqm area. It includes a swimming pool and a gazebo that offers a 360-degree view of Tagaytay.


Fernwood Tagaytay

Fernwood Tagaytay

Looking for a luxurious wedding venue? Fernwood Tagaytay is another Instagram worthy venue. This luxe venue is 5-hectares of grand, magnificent beauty that’s like no other. There is a diverse set of flora that can be a perfect background for any event. This garden is sophisticated and offers excellent service from years of experience. This venue is definitely a magical place to create memories to last a lifetime.


Narra Hill

Narra Hill is another venue that offers the perfect backdrop for any event you desire. Weddings and debuts are precious memories that can be preserved in photos, why not take your shot in Narra Hill and feel the grace of nature. This masterfully crafted pavilion is encrusted in lush flora with a stunning view of Taal Lake. This rustic venue also functions as a Bed and Breakfast. Narra Hill is romantic, lively, and peaceful. Take advantage of the view and make your Instagram story last forever.


Key Takeaway

You can definitely put Instagram worthy and Tagaytay wedding package in one sentence. Each venue listed above has qualities and facilities that can fit a number of preferences and budgets. Unique venues can produce timeless photos and memories that will last for a lifetime. Both you and your guests can find stories that you can share in your life’s timeline forever. Check out these beautiful venues in Tagaytay today, you’ll never know, you might just capture your perfect story.


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