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    8 Inspiring School-Themed Wedding Ideas

    Congratulations, you’re finally getting married! Of course, planning might take some time, from hiring wedding planners and organizers, to choosing one of the best catering services in Manila. Before settling everything in, how about talking with your loved one and reminisce on a few things, you might even be able to think of your own idea of wedding before approaching an organizer or planner.

    Now, if you are planning on going back to your school days, when you two possibly met, then you might want to consider the following suggestions on how you could have an inspiring school-themed wedding.

    Wedding Invitations

    1. Wedding Invitations

    To be able to pull off the school-themed wedding idea that you wanted, you should start your effort with the wedding invitations. Your invitation cards will stand as your representative, hence, first impression should be duly delivered. Given the idea of school, you can opt to use a vintage paper from a notebook or a library card (especially if both of you are self-declared book worms) and then write or print from there. You can also use an attendance report card to indicate who’s attending your wedding for further emphasis.

    1. Wedding Decors

    Regarding wedding decors, you may just need to be a bit more creative. You can try using the items one can often find in a classroom, say a globe, an old-fashioned pencil sharpener, books, a vintage wall clock, an abacus, or even a typewriter! You could definitely look for them at garage sales or online stores. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, then you can try wrapping some books with patterned paper or craft paper (like you do during your primary and secondary years) and write some inspiring love messages on its spine!

    Your wedding day will definitely feel nostalgic.

    Wedding Cake

    1. Wedding Cake

    For your wedding cake, you can try requesting a customized cake that could resemble your idea of school. You can also try adding details such as origami, books, or the daisies in your school garden. This could hold plenty of memories that you and your guests will surely enjoy reminiscing!

    1. Wedding Bouquet

    For the wedding bouquet, you can opt for friendly flowers that would portray the good old times you’ve had during your school years. A picturesque example of this is Minhee’s bouquet at her wedding with Truman, where they hand-tied a handful of flowers including carnations, Marguerite daisies, variegated tulips, Alchemilla, and chamomile.

    Wedding Guest Book

    1. Wedding Guest Book

    For the guest book, it is best to go for something more interactive. You can try customizing your yearbook, wherein your guests could sign on, or you can install a photo-op booth at your reception where your guests can take pictures and insert the pictures in a vintage accounting book with ready-to-fill photo corners. That way, your guest book can also be a souvenir after the wedding!

    1. Wedding Pop Quizzes

    To draw in some fun, you can use pop quizzes about you and your partner for the guests to fill out. The questions could vary from your first meeting place to where the groom proposed. Also, you may leave a box for the guests to deposit the papers too.

    Wedding Favors

    1. Wedding Favors

    If you’re looking for great favor deals, you could choose something that your guests could use afterwards. Perhaps some books or custom imprinted pencils! You can order them online and have them imprinted with your names and wedding date for a more personal touch. For the details, you can tie them with a thin ribbon and put in a custom thank-you tag (you can use a vintage index card for the paper) that your guests will truly appreciate!

    1. Wedding Reception

    The reception table is your opportunity to further emphasize the theme of your wedding. You can use black paper and write the names of the guests on it. You can, then, place it atop the guest’s table. Use a cafeteria-style theme on the tables and utensils, and opt for a subject name rather than a number to mark the tables.

    Key Takeaway

    Once you’ve settled your ideal arrangement, do not hesitate to request this to your wedding planner, organizer, and your chosen catering service to make your school-themed wedding happen!