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    4 Ideas For Your Wedding Venue In Manila

    What are the best wedding venues in Manila?

    1. Felicidad Mansion in Quezon City
    2. La Castellana in Intramuros
    3. Versailles Palace in Las Piñas
    4. Palazzo Verde in Las Piñas

    A wedding ceremony is one of the most memorable moments in your life that you can look back on when you’re older. It celebrates the union with a partner that is willing to commit to a lifetime of love. There are a lot of beautiful locations outside the Metro, but many couples prefer to say their vows within the city. To learn more about accessible wedding venues in Manila, keep on reading!

    Felicidad Mansion

    Felicidad Mansion

    Felicidad Mansion is one of the places you never thought would exist in the metro. When you step inside the premises, you will see elegant European architecture that evokes a feeling of purity and class. When combined with the greenery, it feels out of place in the city.

    Once used as an ancestral home, you can still see its original hardwood ceilings. Inspired by the Romans and Greeks, carvings are seen both inside and outside the beautiful structure. Enjoy the surroundings which are illuminated by crystal chandeliers and vintage windows.

    Felicidad Mansion is the perfect venue when it comes to keeping it classy and sophisticated. When it comes to decoration, it combines both simplicity and grandeur. It becomes even more lovely at night, especially outdoors where stringed lights gleam from the background.

    La Castellana

    La Castellana

    In the heart of the metro, you will find a historical place that has maintained its appearance for centuries. With Spanish buildings and stone roads, you will surely feel like you are in another era. This is Intramuros.

    Some of its charms can be attributed to ruins that remind you of remnants of the past. Tourists also enjoy the foreign structures which have been preserved since the Spanish era. One of these buildings is La Castellana.

    Located within the Walled City of Manila, La Castella emits an aura of grace. With its spacious ballroom, large bridal suite, overlooking patio, and alfresco courtyard, couples will feel like nobility on their wedding day. All that is missing is a delicious buffet of Spanish food from Juan Carlo the Caterer.

    Versailles Palace

    Versailles Palace

    Another venue that will take you to another country is the Versailles Palace. The grandeur and majesty of the place will leave you in awe when you first reach this venue. You will be greeted by an immense pool with a romantic gazebo in the center where pictorials could take place.

    Looking at the multiple-floored mansion, you will feel its splendor and beauty even from afar. The veranda at the front of the building overlooks the whole area. As you enter the structure, you will witness a spacious ballroom that can accommodate up to 250 guests. With its high ceilings, you will see a large crystal chandelier to illuminate the room.

    Versailles Palace also has function rooms with full-length French windows to allow natural light to enter. On your wedding day, imagine yourself dancing to romantic music with your husband or wife. Feel like royalty as you dine with guests in such a magnificent venue.

    Palazzo Verde

    Palazzo Verde

    Have you ever dreamed of riding a gondola through the Venetian Canals? Fortunately, Palazzo Verde has natural waterways for your picture-perfect moments with your loved one. You and your partner will also feel like a prince and princess when arriving in a horse-drawn carriage at the venue itself.

    Palazzo Verde offers both ceremony and reception rooms. The Notre Dame de Vie Chapel is serene, which is perfect for saying your vows to each other. You could also say your promises outdoors in the Gazebo Garden with nature as your backdrop. The pavilion itself is embedded with greenery.

    One of its sought out halls is the Grand Conservatory. It is a glass dome that perfectly combines the beauty of a palace and nature. The Victorian-style architecture is surrounded by waterfalls and gardens. For an indoor venue, the Colonial Ballroom with its carved ceilings, royal decorations, and candle chandeliers will also inspire awe.

    Key Takeaway

    These wedding venues in Manila are located within the metro, but they will transport you to countries such as Rome, Greece, Spain, France, and Italy. For couples who want to experience a royal, elegant, and classic celebration, these places are very accessible to guests.

    But a celebration is not complete without good food. To complement these grand venues, an accomplished caterer who is trained to serve those with finer taste is also needed. With Juan Carlo the Caterer, your wedding experience will be complete.

    If you’re interested in hiring Juan Carlo, you may send your questions and inquiries on this page.