HR Specialist (Recruitment and Placement)


JOB TITLE: HR Specialist (Recruitment and Placement)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible in analyzing the recruitment process performance, prepares and presents the recruitment reports, recommends changes to the recruitment process and implements changes.
  • Responsible in developing and building sourcing strategies for each position, department and key positions by researching and contracting community services, colleges, employment agencies, recruiters, media and internet sites; providing organization information, opportunities and benefits.
  • Analyzes the performance of sourcing strategies based on hiring cycle time, conversion rate, quality of hire, cost per hire, and recommends changes and improvements.
  • Responsible for evaluating potential applicants with the use of standardized interview guide for each position.
  • Generates a standard interview guide based on the job specifications and qualifications per position, category, department and level.
  • Responsible in screening applicants and providing an evaluation of the interviewee’s profile to supervisor.
  • Administer psychological tests to determine if the applicant is fit for the position.
  • Identifies difficult job vacancies and investigates the best recruitment approach for them.
  • Responsible for monitoring of the placement for newly hired applicants through proper processing and on-time delivery of employee’s contract, job description, IDs, COC, COE company orientation, department orientation; and, assists in completing pre-employment requirements for the 201 file.
  • Responsible in generating procedures, policies and work instructions for all activities.
  • Responsible for the application of 5S program to maintain cleanliness in respective area of responsibility.

Job Type: Full-time

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