A Complete Guide To Wedding Ceremony Order

November 23, 2022

What is the complete guide to wedding ceremony order?

  1. Processional
  2. Opening remarks
  3. Readings
  4. Officiant addresses the couple
  5. Exchange of wedding vows
  6. Exchange of wedding rings
  7. Pronouncement of marriage
  8. Wedding kiss
  9. Closing remarks
  10. Recessional

A wedding is still a dream of many and as you prepare yourself for that big day, you’ve probably put a lot of thought and effort into the order of your wedding ceremony. Luckily, every couple is welcome to create their own order of ceremony based on their preferences. Whether it’s related to their religious or cultural beliefs. After all, the ceremony should mirror the couple’s personal relationship.

So, in this blog, we’ve compiled the guide to wedding ceremony order to help you plan your special day. You can use our guide for your wedding ceremony!



This first part of the wedding ceremony starts with bridesmaids and groomsmen, who are paired up, and walking down the aisle. After that, the maid of honor and best man will walk down on their way to the aisle. Thus, the ring bearer will carry the rings to the altar and then be followed by the flower girl.

Opening Remarks

Once everyone has remained seated in their seats, the officiant will welcome and greet everyone to the wedding ceremony and thank the wedding guests for being present as witnesses for the big day. The officiant can also talk about marriage and your and your partner’s sweet and special love story. This part of the wedding ceremony is also known as the invocation.


Wedding readings are one of the most exciting parts of a wedding ceremony. These are the texts that you and your partner feel about each other that represent your relationship. The readings can be from spiritual texts, your or your partner’s favorite movie, or poems to make the ceremony more special. Some couples request that their friends and family recite some for them to add more sentimental meaning to that special moment. 

Officiant Addresses The Couple

The next order of the wedding ceremony is the officiant begins to address the couple by highlighting the importance and responsibilities of marriage and the vows that the couple is about to take.

Exchange Of Wedding Vows

Exchange Of Wedding Vows

The exchange of wedding vows is probably the most famous part of a wedding ceremony that revolves around the couple’s speech to each other. It is a legally binding part of the ceremony where you and your partner are acknowledging that you two are both present and want to marry one another in front of your family and guests. Once it is addressed, you can exchange vows with your partner! It’s your choice whether to follow the unconventional or traditional structure of wedding vows.

Exchange Of Wedding Rings

Right after the wedding vows, the exchange of rings comes in. The officiant will ask the ring bearer to present the wedding rings. Typically, the couple will start their exchange of wedding rings with “With this ring, I thee wed…” 

So, remember to place the ring on your partner’s left hand. It is because this is the side that’s closer to his heart. Meanwhile, the bride’s wedding band will be positioned on the same finger as the engagement ring.

Pronouncement Of Marriage

After the wedding rings have been properly placed, the officiant will then pronounce you and your partner husband and wife. Thus, it’s time to officially seal the deal… with a kiss!

Wedding Kiss

The next part of a wedding ceremony is the most anticipated moment where the officiant will say, “You may kiss the bride”. Most of the time, the grooms will dip their bride as they kiss them or lift them in a warm embrace. Isn’t that sweet? So, no matter what you and your partner choose to do to seal the ceremony with a kiss, it will surely turn into a magical moment so make sure to have a good photographer to capture the special moment that you’ll look back on!

Closing Remarks

After the sweet kiss, the officiant will finally end the ceremony with his closing words. Some officiants will also bless the couple to have a long, happy, and faithful marriage.



The recessional takes place when the bride and groom are the first to exit. They are followed by their flower girl and ring bearer. After that, the maid of honor, best man, and remaining bridesmaids and groomsmen will make their way down the aisle. The last to exit at the wedding ceremony venue is the guests. They will all make their way to the reception venue.

Key Takeaway

Now that we’ve shown you the guide to wedding ceremony order, it’s time to plan your wedding to make it special and memorable! At Juan Carlo, we offer wedding services in Manila from magnificent food to spectacular venues, and other services for your wedding needs. 

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