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    5 Best Grazing Table Setups During Cocktail Hour

    What are some grazing table setup ideas for cocktail hours?

    1. Fruit and Greenery
    2. Breakfast Buffet
    3. Charcuterie Board Style
    4. Bricked Pizza Bar
    5. Florals and Candy Overload


    A grazing table is like a dessert table that consists of appetizers, cheese, cold cuts, candies, as well as chocolate bars. It is a kind of table set up meant for guests to choose an aperitif to go with their cocktail drinks. Before you order a grazing table in Manila, take a look at these setups to find the most suitable food and cocktail combinations for your next occasion.


    Fruit and Greenery

    Five different types of cocktails with its respective fruit in front of it

    For occasions held in a garden, a grazing table filled with green and fruits seems like a sound and appropriate choice. Whether you are serving mojitos, daiquiri, or vodka, fresh fruits present a great alternative to chasers. After all, fruits can be mixed into alcoholic beverages to create a concoction of fruity flavors.

    For an even tastier setup, plate fruits according to their taste. To accommodate guests who are confused about which fruit goes well with their drink, provide them with a bowl of assorted fruits that will suit your beverage menu.

    To complete the garden-look of the grazing table, add branches of different leafing plants. Paper birch and barberry, as well as branches of red oak and arrowwood, are great additions. If you are celebrating a Holiday dinner, you can add hollies and ivies. Finally, take note of the plants that you display on the grazing table as they must not have scents that could destroy the taste of the fruits.


    Breakfast Buffet

    Whoever said cocktails are not suitable for light breakfast bites never enjoyed a strawberry orange sangria with blueberry-topped waffles. Serve breakfast bite-size waffles, croissants, pastries and pies, as well as acai with blueberries placed in coconut bowls for your guests to nosh on as they sip their cocktails. A breakfast buffet can be served and is great for any time of the day. Complete the look of the breakfast fruit buffet with assorted syrups. Cinnamon, blueberry, strawberry, mocha, and coffee syrup are some types that can be drizzled over the breakfast menu. With syrup added to waffles and other pastries, an explosion of flavors is created.

    Take extra precautions in choosing the food you will add to the breakfast buffet. Adding typical Filipino breakfasts like hotdogs and eggs may not be a charming decision. With this, you must consult your trusted catering service provider to aid you in choosing the best breakfast bites.


    Charcuterie Board Style

    Charcuterie board of different types of meats, cheese, and pasta

    A charcuterie board-style grazing table is perfect for outdoor receptions. Regardless of whether you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or a birthday, serving charcuterie remains an impressive and unique way to present a grazing table. When choosing meat, cheese, and bread to add to the menu, make sure to provide at least three choices for each. In order to prevent confusing guests, plan the number of servings as well. Also make sure to go through the options with your chef to create the best combinations that will suit everyone’s taste.

    Cuts of meat like salami, prosciutto, and sausages with mozzarella, Parmigiano, and cheddar create a bold flavor perfect for any kind of cocktail beverage. To balance the saltiness of the menu, a baguette or pita chip are great game-changers. Finally, take note of the meat that you will serve. Some guests may not be fond of consuming cold cuts. With that, make sure to serve meat cuts like bacon and cooked ham for a wider selection. Complete the look of the grazing table with rustic cutting boards and bread knives.


    Bricked Pizza Bar

    Arguably the best grazing table for any type of occasion serves flavorful and hot pizza. It is already embedded in Filipino drinking culture that any Cerveza goes well with a slice of pizza. With that, take the opportunity to introduce a new brimming taste that will surely impress their palates. First on the menu calls for New York Overload. Pair a Manhattan cocktail with Manhattan-style pizza. The combination of whiskey and vermouth with a bite of mozzarella cheese-filled pizza creates a burst of flavor.

    Complete the look of the grazing table with pizza cutters and scattered pizza ingredients. Despite the simplicity of the table decor, the sight of pizza platters will entice guests. If you are looking to make things more fun and enjoyable, you can set up a brick oven. Lay out the ingredients on the table so that guests will have the option to make their own pizza.


    Florals and Sweets Overload

    An overflowing bowl of different types of candy

    To make the grazing table more enticing for both adult and young guests, try a sweet-filled menu. Cotton candy, peppermints, chocolate bars, gummies, and buttercups are great combinations with cocktails. Either leave the sweets in their original packaging or serve them in bowls and jars. Make sure to include serving bowls together with dessert spoons. With a grazing table filled with sweets, there is no longer a need for other decorations. The candies will already draw guests to have a bite or two.


    Key Takeaway

    Regardless of whether you are having your celebration at home or any function hall venues in Manila, a grazing table remains a great addition for the after-program cocktail party. Collaborate with your catering service provider to plan the food menu. They will be able to present you with cocktail and finger food combination ideas. Finally, take note of your buffet setup. Make sure that guests are informed of the difference between the main buffet table and the grazing table. An even better course of action is to put the tables in different locations so that guests will recognize which is which.