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    Appropriate Giveaways for Corporate Parties


    What are appropriate giveaways for corporate parties?

    1. Stemless Champagne Flutes/Wine Glasses
    2. Bottle Stoppers
    3. Paperweights
    4. Flash Drives
    5. Stress Balls

    Corporate events are ones that are to be wildly celebrated with a hint of professionalism of course. These are usually high-energy, memorable events that commemorate significant milestones in the professional area.

    It’s full of everything you could want from a bash – delicious corporate catering, live performances, spectacular performances, etc. But no matter how simple, elegant, or outright lavish it may be, giveaway favors at the end are a must have. This is because these are signs of appreciation for any employee who attends.

    If you’re looking for ideas to turn into corporate giveaways, then you may want to consider the following items to give away at your next corporate event:

    Stemless Champagne Flutes/Wine Glasses

    This is one of the more delicate giveaways on the list because it is more suited as gifts for parties during the holidays.

    The sleek, modern design of these glasses is a twist on traditional stemmed glassware which has a narrow rim and a slender bowl. It was the stem design that allowed drinkers to preserve carbonation in sparkling beverages by allowing them to keep their warm hand away from the bowl of the glass. The stem less version of this glassware is considered to be more casually used than their stemmed counterparts as it supposedly negates the benefits of the original design.

    Being the latest in elegant designs in kitchen and dining experiences, stemless champagne flutes and wine glasses feature a design that minimizes the risk of breakage without compromising its real purpose. When picking the particular brand and model of this glassware, choose one of high quality with a chip-resistant rim.

    This idea for a giveaway is something that exudes luxury in the air. Though you can find them in different department stores for varying prices, one thing’s for sure: with this gift, you’ll know how to make your guests feel fancy as heck.



    Bottle Stopper

    Stoppers – sometimes called corks or bungs – are cylindrical or conical objects meant to close or seal a container. The stoppers used on bottle are especially handy when storing a recently opened bottle of wine because it can be very difficult to replace the original cork.

    These bottle stoppers can vary in shape, size, materials, and even functionality. Newer models are designed to expand inside the bottleneck in order to ensure an air tight seal which helps to keep your wine as fresh as the day it’s brought it home. There are also some wine bottle stoppers that are vacuum sealed with a hand pump in order to remove the oxygen inside the bottle; extending the shelf life of the wine to several days.

    This is the giveaway to have at your event if you want your guests to reward their hard work with wine for days.


    By definition, a paperweight is a small object of solid mass that is placed over top of books and papers to keep them in place, especially in a work space. It doesn’t need to be too heavy; just enough weight in it to keep the papers from being disorganized.

    Fine glass paperweights are considered collectibles and they come in any shape, size, or form. They are even considered to be fine works of art since these are usually sculpted by fine artists specializing in glass blowing and shaping.

    These are great souvenirs for a corporate party since they are small, compact, and can be personalized in limited editions. You can even give different variations of them as gifts, to make sure everyone gets something unique and something to talk about when they come the next work day. Also, paperweights are one of the ideas that can be easily afforded by many; even the designer ones.


    Flash Drive

    A USB flash drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface. With most jobs nowadays requiring 24/7 access to a computer and convenient means of file transfer, who wouldn’t want this particular corporate giveaway to make their everyday work life easier?

    The emergence of this device have made floppy drives and CDs as a means of file transfer completely obsolete. This is because flash drives are smaller, faster, and more durable since they have no moving parts. Everything is digital. This is also what makes them capable of storing large amounts of data. Usually this is what dictate the monetary value of a USB flash drive. The more data it can store, then the higher its price will be.

    A flash drive is perfect as a giveaway for a corporate party because of their extreme usefulness as an office gadget.

    Stress Balls

    Stress balls are objects filled with a malleable gel or clay that you hold in the palm of your hand. The act of squeezing the ball repeatedly releases the tension in the body and helps to relieve stress. It has a lot of benefits like boosting blood circulation and helping the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Stress balls are also useful for office workers because of these benefits. Aside from that, they are used as a tool for meditation and can help strengthen the muscles of the hand and wrist. Another cool thing about stress balls is they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be as cute as a pastel-colored balls or funky, brightly colored squeeze toys.

    Key Takeaway

    There you have it! Some ideas for your next corporate gathering.

    With these ideas, you’ll be able to establish a strong sense of camaraderie with your colleagues. Just remember that work doesn’t have to always be on the serious note; it can make you feel like you aren’t working a day in your life at all.