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    Eight Foods that are Eaten Cold

    juan carlo ice cream

    What are foods that are eaten cold?

    1. Ice Cream
    2. Floats
    3. Halo-Halo
    4. Cucumber Soup
    5. Ajo Blanco
    6. Leftover Pizza
    7. Salad
    8. Sushi

    Traditionally speaking, food is best served hot and fresh. There’s nothing like the feeling of serving your food piping hot and getting the highest regards from your friends and family. The look on their faces when they take a bite of your freshly-cooked food will definitely motivate you to cook more and more. This is the same feeling that drives the best corporate catering in Manila to provide their clients with a good time through their fresh food and quality service.

    However, there is always an exception to the rule; there are some foods that are best served cold. These could be appetizers, main courses, or desserts. Eating these kinds of dishes is a great way to send shivers down your spine and stomach in a good way.

    If you’re looking for some dishes that are best eaten cold, here are some of the best examples:

    Ice Cream

    Ice Cream is the quintessential cold food. It is made of milk and cream. Other ingredients are added to this flexible mix which allowed many of the first innovators to easily create the common yet lovable Iced Cream flavors we know today. Nowadays, many people still come out with new and interesting variations which make this dessert a staple that won’t be leaving menus anytime soon.

    It is a dessert that is meant to be eaten to finish off the main course. This sweet type of food that is best served cold because it is refreshing and filling. Some would even argue that it is a healing food.


    Floats are actually a type of beverage/food hybrid that contains both a liquid portion as well as an edible solid portion. It is a combination of toppings, milk, and iced cream. As mentioned previously, Iced cream is best served cold and it just so happens that Floats have it as a key component to make it a delicious drinkable goodie.

    Another variation of Float is the incorporation of soda into these drinks. Form the classic Root beer float to the other soda variants of this drink, there’s no wrong answer when it comes to finding the right kind of float for you.


    A traditional Filipino dessert, the Halo-halo is an experience in itself. It is a combination of so many ingredients that describing its flavor is often a difficult task even for professional food critics. But the very first thing anyone would notice about this dessert is that is it full of ice. This is why many Filipinos love it. Because it is cold, it has become a big part of many Filipino’s childhood who fondly remember it as the perfect summer food to be eaten with friends.

    Many variations of the dessert have emerged that show its versatility. It can be served as a beverage, a flavor imbued in Ice Cream, or even a cake. Though other variations of this dessert may involve the use of heat in its creation process (aka Deep-Fried Halo-Halo), nothing still beats the classic way of how this dessert is eaten: with a lot of ice, milk, toppings, and the ever-favorite leche flan.juan carlo ajo blanco

    Cucumber Soup

    Many variations of cucumber soup such as Mint Cucumber Soup are best served cold. These soups have the ability to fill your stomach and refresh you at the same time unlike traditional soups where you will be left thirsty after eating a hot bowl.

    Cucumbers are known for their watery and tangy taste. By making a cucumber soup cool and refreshing, the wateriness and tanginess of it is complemented.

    Ajo Blanco

    Gazpacho is a soup made up of fresh ingredients such as vegetables. Its older cousin, the Ajo Blanco, is a cold almond soup that comes from the Moorish middle ages. It’s made up of fruits and vegetables which makes the Ajo Blanco able rehydrate and rejuvenate people who eat it with its myriad of fresh flavors and cooling feel.

    Leftover Pizza

    Pizza is definitely best served hot. No doubt about it. But when you leave this dish untouched in the fridge for a while, how would you eat it?

    Well, if you’re thinking about re-heating your pizza to indulge in it once again, then isn’t necessary. Even when you eat your pizza cold, the flavor and texture will still remain the same. In fact, it’s the best way to eat it when it is leftover. Re-heating it can cause the crust to become chewy, making it a bit tougher to eat on some conditions.


    This dish is definitely the go-to for people who wish to be at their healthiest. With a variety of greens and other ingredients to mix, you can do no wrong with how you’d want to eat your greens…with one exception.

    Salads are meant to be eaten cold. All you’ll need to do is give your greens a good wash then have it prepared for your meal. Besides, if you want your salad heated, you might as well cook them all the way for a nice stew.


    Not only is some food is meant to be eaten cold, but they’re also meant to be eaten raw. Sushi is the perfect example of such food.

    This dish is made of rice with vinegar combined with various uncooked ingredients which are mostly fish, fruits, or vegetables. These variations have different names depending on what ingredient is put on them. But the constant factor in all of these varieties is that they must be served cold. This is because most of the ingredients used are raw and it must be kept cold to keep it from going bad. For the same reason, the uneaten ingredients and sushi are thrown out at the end of the day.

    So don’t worry when sushi is served to you cold because that’s how it is meant to be served and best enjoyed.

    Key Takeaway

    There are many more foods that are meant to be served cold, most of which are desserts. Here’s a fun fact: more than just tasty treats, desserts actually serve the purpose of helping the stomach digest the main course after a hearty meal.

    If you are you interested in experiencing an all new culinary experience complete with delicious and fresh cold food, give Juan Carlo’s Corporate Catering a try.

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