Food to Speed Up your Metabolism

January 5, 2017

Metabolism is the complex process of how your body converts whatever you consume into energy. This is important because it is the main process that fuels your body to function properly. These days, people are more health-conscious and they know that a faster metabolism means that calories are burned at a faster rate, leading to weight loss. That is why plenty of people are trying to find ways to speed up their metabolism. They work out regularly and change their lifestyles so that they can eat all the delectable foods served in restaurants and by caterers in Manila.

However, do you know that aside from the ones mentioned above, there are more ways to speed up your metabolism? For instance, you can incorporate the following foods in your daily meal plans. These are 6 foods that you should eat to improve your metabolism: 



Foods that are high in calcium, like broccoli, are known to boost metabolism and help people lose weight as well. This vegetable also has high levels of fiber that assist in speeding up your metabolism. More than that, it is full of natural antioxidants and it contains vitamins C, K, and A. Make sure to add this to your shopping list to speed up your metabolism. 


Not only does this fruit keep the doctor away, it keeps your gym trainer away too. One serving of apple every meal is known to enhance metabolism and weight loss. More than that, this fruit is high in fiber and pectin which affects the cells in your body and their ability to absorb fats. Finally, you should incorporate apples in your daily meal plans because it is a great option for natural detox. 


Iodine is important for your body because it promotes the production of hormones that help regulate your metabolism. And seaweed is a great natural source of iodine! Plus, more than just boosting metabolism, it can also prevent the digestion of fat in your system because it contains alginate. 


Most people avoid fats. However, do you know that your body still needs this type of nutrient? You can get them through almonds, which contain the essential fatty acids that can help increase metabolism. The great thing about almonds is that it is readily available and you can enjoy it at any time of the day.  



The combination of nutrients in beans helps your metabolism react positively. Usually, most people avoid them especially since they are known as a musical food. However, you should still incorporate beans in your diet particularly because, aside from helping with your metabolism, they are also a great substitute for carbs. Plus, they go well with most proteins! 


Celery is full of calcium and is a staple snack for any health junkie out there. As you know, food with high calcium content is very good for the metabolism. Plus, the fact that celery is known to be a thermogenic food is another advantage for you. Pair it up with some peanut butter and enjoy.

Incorporate these different types of food in your everyday meals and remember to always enjoy what you are eating. At the end of the day, these foods will help you stay healthy but above all, it’s always your attitude that will determine whether you could hit your fitness goals or not.


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