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    8 Food Catering Packages For Your Event

    What are some of the best food catering packages Juan Carlo has to offer?

    1. Asian plated menu
    2. French plated menu
    3. American plated menu
    4. Mediterranean plated menu
    5. Arabic plated menu
    6. Spanish plated menu
    7. Filipino fusion plated menu
    8. Customized plated menu

    Are you looking for the best food catering packages for your event? Juan Carlo, the leading and the most sought after caterer in the Philippines, offers the best catering packages in the Philippines for you! Read on to discover these signature plated packages that will appease your tastebuds and stomach.

    Asian Plated Menu

    Asian Plated Menu

    Asian culture is a myriad of modern and traditional delicacies and cuisines. Its wide array of food biodiversity adds variety, richness, and colors to the flavors and textures of dishes enjoyed by people all over the world.

    With many different herbs, spices, and condiments used in the preparation of dishes, Asian food explodes in rich aroma and flavors that produce sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and “umami” or savory tastes. Asian cuisine also uses garnishes such as lemon grass, basil, coriander, sesame, and other fresh herbs.

    Juan Carlo features some of the best international dishes from Asia such as the beef wellington in adobo sauce, Macao egg drop soup with seafood symphony, traditional classic Chinese shark fin soup, and so much more.

    French Plated Menu

    French Plated Menu

    French cuisine has been thought of as the world’s most elegant and sophisticated style of cooking. With its wide range of specialties when it comes to food, the French menu has gained worldwide popularity.

    People are highly concentrated on its exquisite styles of presentations and fancy delicacies. French cuisine incorporates fresh ingredients and delicate procedures that make a deluxe and sumptuous meal.

    In this food catering package, we feature the classic French escargot roquefort cheese with fragrant pear, walnut toast, crawfish deviled eggs, potage florentine et crème à la crecy, and other signature fresh dishes.

    American Plated Menu

    Like French cuisine, the American plated menus are among the most prominent and influential dishes in the world. In fact, the food culture native to America has been so well-established that it has always been present and part of almost every culture across many different countries.

    In our American plated menu, Juan Carlo features sopa de cangrejo, Pinoy-flavored French macarons, and other dishes in this delightful food catering package.

    Mediterranean Plated Menu

    The Mediterranean plated menu brings all the flavors, colors, and freshness of the sea to your table. This rich cuisine is a fusion of many diverse dishes brought and introduced by different ethnicities from all over the world

    With its plentiful and wide range of herbs and spices that originate from different parts of the globe, Mediterranean cuisine is a pool of fresh and creative meals and dishes like the wrap ala portofino and chicken kebabs with garlic yogurt sauce that we exclusively serve in this plated menu.

    Arabic Plated Menu

    Arabic food has long been known for its exotic flavors that add and introduce a unique taste and textures that are fresh and new to our taste buds. Specifically, spices and flower essences are the main sources of the aromas and flavors that are incorporated in Arabic dishes.

    The Arabian Peninsula is home to thousands of unique dishes, and Juan Carlo features some of the best ones in our menu. Masgouf Iraqi grilled fish, Israeli salad, and Mediterranean feta toast are just a few of the plates we offer.

    Spanish Plated Menu

    Spanish Plated Menu

    Spanish cuisine includes a wide variety of food that is distinct from Spain’s European neighbors. Spain has an abundance of specialties in food and delicacies that are freshly sourced from the sea and the farm.

    From our plated menu for Spanish dishes, you can indulge in Salmorejo, deconstructed brazo de mercedes, mushroom adobo shooters, and other rich Spanish delicacies.

    Filipino Fusion Plated Menu

    Of course we have a plated menu for Philippine cuisine! With the cultural influences from other countries, the Filipinos’ culinary tradition has grown into a more diverse, powerful, rich, inventive, and artful cuisine that is abundant in flavors.

    Our local cuisine is also greatly impacted by Chinese, Indian, and Western cuisine, which adds to the wide varieties of rich and fresh dishes in the Philippines.

    In this catering package, Juan Carlo features palabok spring rolls, cannoli with mango balls, fresh ocean clam in ginger, garlic soup in buko shells, and more tasty delicacies from our homeland.

    Customized Plated Menu

    This catering package is the most flexible option among Juan Carlo’s plated menus. It allows guests to pick their own food and beverages according to their liking. The customized plated menu includes a grazing table with European charcuterie and cheeses, a Spanish cold cuts and cheese platter, and a kebab station, which are filled with an abundance of delicious food options skillfully prepared by Juan Carlo’s expert chefs.

    Key Takeaway

    If it’s about food, the world always has a lot of it—we never run out of menu ideas and new food inventions to try! Now that you know the best food catering packages for your events, we’ve also prepared tips for choosing your event menu. Aside from catering, your event won’t be complete without a venue so here are some luxurious events places in Manila. To learn more about Juan Carlo and its services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!