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Felicidad Mansion

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Felicidad Mansion

Around the iconic and easily accessible Roosevelt Avenue in the lovely Quezon City is Felicidad Mansion—a place where vintage elegance and incomparable charm come to life.

This jewel in the heart of Metro Manila is a venue where life’s most precious memories are lived and forever remembered; a place where life’s most beautiful beginnings are created and celebrated.

About the Venue
This place is perfect for those who already booked a catering in Manila for their events and celebrations.

Essentially a renovated ancestral home, Felicidad Mansion still incorporates its original and breathtaking hardwood ceiling accents, vintage windows, beautifully carved and patterned doors, awestriking crystal chandeliers, and many other classic priceless furnishings.

The organizers of this place assure that your most unique and specific preferences will be met, which will surely impress all your guests!

The architecture of Felicidad Mansion is a romantic blend of old and modern European styles. This mansion was built in the 1970s and was originally home to Atty. Benjamin Martin, Doña Felicidad Tayag-Martin, and their five children.

The interiors of Felicidad Mansion are inspired by both Greek and Roman facades which attribute to the venues ageless exuberance of grace and elegance. A picturesque fountain area serves as a magnificent foreground to the grand entrance.

The Felicidad Mansion Along with the impeccable catering services of Juan Carlo, Felicidad Mansion is the most excellent space for rejoicing with your loved ones in life’s most precious gatherings.

The Felicidad Mansion

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