Fantastic Fantasy Weddings for Couples

July 15, 2019

What are some unique ideas you can use for your fantasy wedding?

  1. Fairy Tales
  2. Mermaids
  3. Fairies
  4. Gods and Goddesses
  5. Super Hero


If you want to have a fantasy wedding at your chosen wedding venue in Batangas, take a leap of faith and make it magical. If you want a special wedding theme, exploring the world of fantasy is an adventure in waiting. Fantasy weddings require creative minds and each person has the capability to plan their wedding story. Before getting started, get into the mind of your inner child and channel what you want. As a child, our ability to create unique ideas and worlds were as strong as ever. As we grow older, we become more in touch with reality. These shouldn’t be considered negative; this is simply how life works. By stepping into that mindset once more, you give yourself a chance to have fun and let your mind take you to an entirely different place. If you’re ready, here are some ideas you can use for your fantasy wedding.


Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are defined as children’s stories about imaginary beings and lands. These are stories that have transcended over time and are remembered by people of all ages. Each story has its own version in other countries, making each one entirely unique to a specific culture. These stories are timeless and were once used to teach specific lessons to children. By using a fairy tale as your wedding theme, you’re giving your wedding a taste of magic. Here are some Fairy Tales you can try for your very own happily ever after:

  • Rapunzel
  • Aladdin
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • Cinderella

These fairy tales are all about going all out. Think ball gowns, extravagant decorations, and inspired menus.



Why were the mermaids not included in the fairy tales? The reason why mermaids were separated because you don’t have to be limited to just one story for these magical creatures. Mermaids are one way to level up the fantasy feel of your theme. It’s a beach wedding amplified. If you love the sun, sand and sea feel your fantasy with this magical theme. If you’re up to it, you can even hold your ceremony in shallow water. This wedding can be your dream come true if you love the whole story behind these elegant creatures. If it’s within your budget, you can even rent out a mermaid tail for your photoshoot. Another bonus with this mermaid beach wedding is that you can incorporate various sustainable materials for your decor and entourage gifts.




The fairy is another magical fantasy creature you can take inspiration from. This theme is perfect for a nighttime event within your chosen venue or during the day within lush green gardens. Play around with the lighting and unique decorations in a variety of bright colors and jewel tones. Similar to the mermaid theme, you can also use sustainable materials to create your fantasy. Go iridescent but not entirely blinding. Remember that you still have to find a way to coordinate the venue with the colors so that it can match properly.


Gods and Goddesses

Romance and elegance are in the air if you choose this theme. This is a very versatile style, as you can choose from a range of airy fabrics, flowing dresses and gilded pieces. Go with the flow for this wedding theme. You can even add a modern twist to your standard suit and tie by using the symbols related to the god or goddess you’re bringing to life. The easiest to replicate is a Greek deity. For décor, use olive leaves as a main focal point. Combined with gilded pieces, you can instantly transport your guests to another world.


Super Hero

Super Hero

This theme is a fun theme for fans of the DC Universe and Marvel Universe. The superhero theme is relatively easy. Depending on how far you want to go, you’re in control with how you’ll bring your favorite characters to life. You can choose to go in their full hero outfit or use their specific symbols and styles accordingly. For the venue, research their origins and see how you can bring it to life. Superheroes are fun for all ages and that should be your goal for your theme. Keep it fun, nothing too serious and let your imagination flow.


Key Takeaway

Let your wedding venue in Batangas bring your fantasies to life. Let your inner child guide you to the wedding of your dreams and a happily ever after.


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