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    7 Tips for Choosing Your Event Menu

    What are some tips for choosing your event menu?

    1. Know who’s coming
    2. Always prepare for more guests
    3. Set a budget
    4. Consider the kind of event
    5. Explore different flavors for your menu
    6. Consider your guests’ dietary restrictions
    7. Don’t forget the drinks

    Planning the menu for any kind of event is a big job. There are many aspects to consider from the budget to the party’s theme to the guests. To help you with this important task, Juan Carlo, the best event catering service in the Philippines rounded up some of our best tips for choosing your event menu. Keep reading to learn more!

    Know who’s coming

    Know who’s coming

    All kinds of planning involve knowing who your audience—or in this case, your guests—will be. Gather all the information you need from the event organizers before planning what food you will be serving. Here are some important details you’ll need to remember.

    Always ask for a headcount of your guests. This is one of the most important figures to get for an event. If you’re hiring a caterer, most packages depend on how many people are attending. You’ll want all your guests accounted for.

    You need to also consider the age range of your guests. If kids are expected, this allows you to plan their special menu for the event. Aside from that, event organizers can also know if alcoholic beverages are allowed to be served during the event. This is important to consider with some events like debuts and other special occasions.

    Always prepare for more guests

    It’s always better to prepare more food than your party needs rather than prepare too little. This will lessen the chance of people complaining during the event. Trust us, no one wants to go to a party and find out there’s no food left—a true catering nightmare.

    Don’t worry about food going to waste, either. Most catering services allow organizers to take home the extra food by packing it after the event. This can also be distributed to important individuals like the event staff and security.

    Set a budget

    An event’s budget helps you set the limitation for many things like the food menu. It helps you consider what catering service to avail of and how much you can spend per head. It can also help you decide what food to serve. There are menu items that cost more, so having a budget helps you narrow down your menu choices.

    Remember that the best caterers give you value for your money. They provide you with the best food even when catering for smaller events.

    Consider the kind of event

    Many events like weddings, debuts, and corporate events feature specific themes. It can also help you decide what food to serve during the event.

    For example, a farm or garden party can feature fresh fruits and vegetables on its menu to provide a farm-to-table experience. If you’re in a tourist destination, you can have the caterer put the region’s local delicacies on the menu.

    How formal an event is can also determine what kind of food is served. More formal occasions can call for caviar and raw sushi. If you’re hosting a kids’ party, it would be best to serve finger foods and sweets for them to enjoy.

    Explore different flavors for your menu

    Explore different flavors for your menu

    There are many flavors for you to explore for an event. Consider the five tastes: sweet, spicy, sour, salty, and bitter. If you already have sweet food on the menu—not counting dessert—don’t pair it with another sweet dish. Go for salty food instead. Or if you already have a tomato dish, go for a creamy one as your second course.

    You can also do this with different kinds of meat—a good practice is to choose a chicken dish, a beef or pork dish, a vegetable dish, rice, and maybe pasta. That way, people have more options to choose from.

    Consider your guests’ dietary restrictions

    It’s important to consider the different diet restrictions of guests. Always ensure every guest, regardless of their diet, will be able to eat at least two different things during the event.

    If you’re selecting a food caterer, check if they provide special menu accommodations to cater to the dietary restrictions of certain guests. You know you’re in good hands if an event catering service in the Philippines accommodates these requests. It says a lot about their service quality.

    Don’t forget the drinks

    Finally, never underestimate the power of good drinks when choosing your catering menu. You should include the usual roster of drinks like soft drinks, iced tea, and juice. However, don’t be scared to add unique cocktails and wine to the menu.

    You can choose to consult with a wine expert or even a professional bartender for unique options. They can help you decide if your choice of drinks pairs well with your main courses and appetizers.

    Key Takeaway

    Once you know the basics of choosing your event menu, the task doesn’t seem so daunting. Keep these tips in mind. They’ll guide you when going over packages and menus with professional caterers.

    If you’re looking for the best event catering services in the Philippines, contact us here at Juan Carlo. As the top catering service in the Philippines, we treat all our clients with professionalism to help you curate the best menu fit for your budget without sacrificing our food and service quality. Book a tasting experience with us today!

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