How to Evaluate Manila’s Best Catering Service for Your Wedding

December 20, 2017

How can you evaluate Manila’s best catering service for your wedding?

  1. Take a look at their previous events
  2. Taste or sample their dishes for the menu
  3. Coordinate with them on the menu
  4. Make sure they’re responsive to any query or concern
  5. Evaluate their prices


A wedding is one of the many occasions that come and go every once in a while, especially for the many brides and grooms of time. When it comes to an occasion like this, it’s absolutely important for such an event to be given the special touch it deserves; and with many of the best catering services in Manila ready to help, as well as numerous wedding planners, decorators, and the entertainment in store, achieving the perfect dream wedding has never been so simple!

One of the things to consider when planning a wedding is the effectiveness and efficiency of the extra manpower whose services you’ve enlisted, most especially with any of Manila’s best catering services you’ve hired. If you’re wondering about how to evaluate them for your wedding, here are some things you can try:


Look at Previous Events They’ve Handled

This step is actually one of the very first ones you should always consider, specifically for a wedding like yours. In case you decide to hire a catering service for your wedding, it’s best that you assess them as early in this step.

Of course, one of the things that may occur is an initial interview between you and the chef-in-charge, during which you can ask them about any of their previous events. If you find their accomplishments to be great for your wedding, then by all means hire them on the spot! Truly, trust in your gut and the results will all be worth it.

Taste or Sample their Cooking

Taste or Sample their Cooking

This is something that should always be done. Many catering services out there offer the same foods with almost the same price, which is why you should carefully check which one provides the best service at an affordable price range.

It is highly advisable for you to attend any food-tasting appointments so you can make sure that your wedding menu is nothing but the best. This will make sure that everyone in attendance of your wedding celebration is more than happy and satisfied with the menu you will be serving.


Coordinate with Them on the Menu

There is nothing more important to include in the wedding plan than the catering menu; and for the sake of your guests’ enjoyment, as well as your satisfaction as the bride/groom-to-be, having a say in the menu is always something to consider.

With that said, coordinate with the people in charge of catering for the menu. This gives you a chance to take anything off the menu or add some new items to the menu. If both of you have a synchronized mindset for the proposed menu, then all the more reason why you should have them by your side for the big day.


Evaluate their Responsiveness

One thing to note about planning a wedding, or at least being part of the planning process, is that it can be a pretty stressful process. You would need to ensure many things will go according to plan right down to the smallest details. Hence, it would be better for you to rely on professionals, who are the best in their field.

With that said, it’s best to evaluate their response time to whatever query or concern you might have on the menu or anything related to the wedding for that matter. The faster they respond or the earlier they answer, the more reliable they are.

Consider their Fees and Expenses

Consider their Fees and Expenses

An important thing to consider when it comes to this is none other than the expenses that need to be covered in the event. After all, many of the best catering services around Manila don’t give their services for free.

What’s great about this is that you are not only able to look at an outline of the expenses to be made. You can also negotiate with them the price you want. If you find their initial price to be fair or if you’re able to meet with them halfway through negotiations, then they’re the guys for you!


Key Takeaway

The aforementioned tips are here to help you evaluate the catering services in Manila that you are considering to hire for your special day. Once you are satisfied with the result of your evaluation, then it’s time to hire them to help you create the best wedding experience!


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