5 Elegant Wedding Venues In The Philippines

December 28, 2021

5 Elegant Wedding Venues In The Philippines

What are some elegant wedding venues in the Philippines?

  1. Alta Veranda de Tibig
  2. Blue Leaf Pavillion
  3. Club Balai Isabel
  4. Glass Garden
  5. Hill Creek Gardens

Many people dream of their wedding day. Tying the knot with the love of their life in front of everyone dear to them — it’s a momentous occasion. Likewise, they also wonder what the event will look like. The scenery, décor, lighting, and other elements of your wedding and reception: the ideal venue will offer everything you envisioned, and more.

If you want a wedding that fulfills all your expectations and wows your guests, then consider some of the most elegant wedding venues in the Philippines. These spaces offer timeless beauty, charm, style, and sophistication — perfect for your dream wedding.

Whether you’re yearning for an intimate wedding or a grand one in the future, here are some venues that will catch your attention!

Alta Veranda de Tibig

Alta Veranda de Tibig

Located in Tagaytay, one of the best wedding destinations in the country, this venue offers the classic magnificence of Spanish-Filipino architecture. The space exudes the air of an old, romantic era — perfect for an intimate and unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Alta Veranda de Tibig offers two areas for events: El Pabelion de Jardin and Plaza Guevarra. With the El Pabelion de Jardin, you have a dome-like indoor area that can accommodate 30 to 300 people, and offers enough space to decorate the area in your desired style. It also offers high ceilings, balconies, and large windows that face the venue’s well-kept forest and garden.

If you desire a garden wedding, then choose their Plaza Guevarra! This hall has a smaller indoor space that connects to their garden area, full of lush and vibrant foliage. The inside features classic Spanish-Filipino motifs, which fit in nicely with Filipiniana and romantic-themed weddings.

Blue Leaf Pavillion

Blue Leaf Pavillion

Blue Leaf is an events place with venues in Manila and Quezon, but our pick for an elegant wedding is the Modern-Asian-styled pavilion in the heart of Taguig. It’s close to popular wedding churches, such as St. Andrew the Apostle and Santuario De San Antonio Parish. This strategic location is perfect for those who want a church ceremony without the hassle of spending hours en-route to their reception.

The Blue Leaf Pavilion has three function rooms made in a contemporary Asian style — sleek and elegant, featuring marble, wood, cut stone, and expansive white walls. Their rooms can fit up to 300 guests comfortably, while their Banyan and Jade halls can be combined to create an even larger space for your comfort.

Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel

Settled right on the shores of the Taal Lake, with direct views of the world-famous volcano — Club Balai Isabel offers gorgeous views and a soothing, quiet sanctuary for any occasion. This venue is ideal for those who want an elegant wedding in refreshing climates and proximity to nature.

The sprawling grounds, verdant trees, big swimming pools, and the beauty of Taal Lake can be all yours for your dream wedding, from sunrise to sunset, at Club Balai Isabel. The picturesque views, romantic ambiance, and tranquility of the venue make it a popular wedding destination.

Glass Garden

Glass Garden

The Glass Garden, situated in Pasig City, redefines green architectural design. Bringing the beauty of nature indoors, the venue features delicate flora and lush green walls juxtaposed by dramatic English architecture and frosted white glass. Inspired by the classic English greenhouse, it combines the elegance of nature and classic man-made structures.

Paired with their iconic design, the venue also offers two fully air-conditioned venues offering sunrise and sunset views, 40-foot ceilings, spacious parking facilities, elevated platforms, and a spiral staircase. Their indoor garden consists of only natural trees and plants that are constantly maintained to ensure freshness and vibrancy.

Hill Creek Gardens

Hill Creek Gardens

Surrounded by the nature of Alfonso, Cavite, the Hill Creek Gardens is a picturesque wedding venue. Placed on a 3.2-hectare working coffee farm and private family estate, it offers many scenic spots for your party to take in the venue’s ambiance of calm and relaxation. There are also four different events spaces — their garden, grand ballroom, pavilion, and flowerhouse palace — for you to choose and customize into your fairytale wedding.

The romantic air of the Hillcreek Gardens doesn’t just stop there — it also features numerous displays of both nature’s majesty for you to get the perfect wedding photos. You can also avail of their hotel rooms and enjoy their dining and spa amenities.

Key Takeaway

These are some of the most elegant wedding venues in the Philippines. Each place is designed with beautiful architecture and timeless aesthetics — featuring motifs from Spanish, Asian, English, and more styles. They also offer customizable spaces, sprawling vistas, outdoor and indoor venues, and many beautiful visual features.

If you’re planning on celebrating your wedding in style — why not pick one of these venues? Maybe consider celebrating your wedding in events places in Manila? Whether you envision a grand party or an intimate celebration, these venues have what you need to create your dream wedding.

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