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    7 Creative Wedding Ideas During COVID-19

    What are some creative wedding ideas during Covid-19?

    1. Get married in your ancestral home
    2. Place hand sanitizing stations around the event hall
    3. Change up the seating plan
    4. Use custom-designed masks for the entourage
    5. Curate a COVID-themed package for the guests
    6. Give back to society with your wedding
    7. Get your catered meals delivered

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many weddings have been postponed to a later date. Some couples are opting for a simple ceremony on their original dates and plan to have a grand wedding and reception for later. Others are gravitating towards minimalist weddings to keep their guests safe. No matter what your preference is, there are creative wedding ideas you can do during COVID. Keep on reading!

    Get Married In Your Ancestral Home

    Get Married In Your Ancestral Home

    To maintain the safety of the guests, some couples are choosing to get married in their ancestral home. This way, the entire family will be in a familiar space where they can be comfortable and at peace.

    If you grew up in the house, having your wedding in the same location can make it even more special. As a bonus, you’ll be saving money on rent too! But if you prefer an event venue, you can enjoy the homey experience at the Sampaguita Gardens.

    Place Hand Sanitizing Stations Around The Hall

    Your guests will be touching doors, shaking hands, and picking up utensils on the day of your wedding. A creative way to get them to disinfect is to put aesthetically pleasing sanitizing stations around the venue.

    This will make them feel that they are safe and healthy at your wedding. You can put alcohol, tissues, and sanitizing gels in customized and various crafted bottles and boxes so you don’t have to sacrifice visual appeal in your event.

    Change Up The Seating Plan

    Change Up The Seating Plan

    One of the most important things you need to think of in your wedding is the seating plan. Proper social distancing can ensure that your guests will be safe and healthy in your event.

    Instead of the traditional arrangement, some couples are choosing circular seating with guests gathered around the couple for the ceremony. You can also assign ‘social bubbles’ to keep family members together or elderly people away from the crowd.

    Use Custom-Designed Masks For The Entourage

    Face masks have become the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what if you can make it fashionable? Some couples opt for custom-made face masks with elaborate designs such as lace, embroidery, and classic prints! You can have it especially made to match your wedding outfits.

    Other than that, your entourage can also wear them to keep them safe and stylish. Years from now, you and your partner will look back on your wedding photos and think of how you made your celebration possible even during a pandemic.

    Curate A COVID-Themed Package For The Guests

    Curate A COVID-Themed Package For The Guests

    Now that you have a smaller guest list, you can create personalized gifts to make them feel at ease in your event. For example, you can send a care package with a disinfectant, a custom-made mask, an immune-boosting beverage, some vitamins, and a handwritten note about the map of your venue. This way, they will know that you’re concerned about their well-being and will make them feel taken care of at the event.

    Give Back To Society With Your Wedding

    Aside from a ceremony and a reception with your loved ones, you can make your wedding a special celebration by giving back to the people who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a heartfelt way of showing support to the number of people who are hungry and out of jobs. Aside from that, you can also donate to trusted nonprofit organizations to support health workers on the front line.

    Get Your Catered Meals Delivered

    Get Your Catered Meals Delivered

    During the new normal, wedding suppliers such as Juan Carlo have made preparations to make your event safe and enjoyable. You can opt for a buffet setting with acrylic dividers, 50% table capacity, and staff in proper PPE. Another option is to go for the signature plated service with each meal professionally curated by the chef. But aside from that, another idea is to have your packed meals delivered! This way, you can also send food to your guests if you will be having a virtual wedding.

    Key Takeaway

    You can now spread love and not the virus with these creative wedding ideas during COVID! Remember the purpose why you’re having this event and make the most of your resources to make the event memorable.

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