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The biggest brands in the Philippines trust Juan Carlo when it comes to corporate event services. Big names such as Nestle, Lenovo, Adidas, and Unilever are regular customers, hiring us to bring the perfect balance between aesthetics, taste, service, and location.

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A Top-Notch Corporate Catering Service

Juan Carlo's top-notch corporate catering services can turn any corporate event into a matter of exquisite celebration. Its capability of creating a balance between professionalism and fun gives guests the liberty to enjoy a prestigious business affair in the comfort of magnificent locations.

With Juan Carlo tending to your guests and hosts, you're assured that every detail is given attention to create an ambiance of harmony amongst people involved. From the intricately designed venue, to the smooth medley of food flavors being served, to the undeniably wonderful ambiance flowing smoothly throughout the event - you'll never go wrong with Juan Carlo's Corporate Catering service.

Juan Carlo is among the leading corporate catering services nationwide. We have catered to the most prestigious brands, both local and international, and have received beautiful reviews for its magnificent work over previous events.

If you're looking for a caterer that will give your event the right amount of elegance, prestige, and professionalism without sacrificing its main intent, Juan Carlo's the perfect choice for the job!

JuanCarlo in action
Nyoy Vollante and Mikkie Broadshaw

"Thank you so much! The food was superb! God bless!"

Nyoy Vollante & Mikkie Broadshaw

Patrick Garcia and Nikka Martinez

"Juan Carlo, super yummy food with such appealing presentation"

Patrick Garcia & Nikka Martinez

Jorroz Gamboa and Katz Saga

"Thank you Juan Carlo the Caterer for the delicious food."

Jorroz Gamboa & Katz Saga