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Big names such as Nestle, Lenovo, Adidas, and Unilever have been with us through the years, hiring us to bring the perfect balance between aesthetics, taste, service, and location. These company only deserve the best and so do you.

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Great food always spells great times and great times spells success. There's no better way to communicate your happiness to your team than great taste and savory meals. We're a proven catering to big brands, we believe you're already one of them.

JuanCarlo in action
Nyoy Vollante and Mikkie Broadshaw

"Thank you so much! The food was superb! God bless!"

Nyoy Vollante & Mikkie Broadshaw

Patrick Garcia and Nikka Martinez

"Juan Carlo, super yummy food with such appealing presentation"

Patrick Garcia & Nikka Martinez

Jorroz Gamboa and Katz Saga

"Thank you Juan Carlo the Caterer for the delicious food."

Jorroz Gamboa & Katz Saga