4 Company Party Themes for the Holidays

December 28, 2018

What party themes can companies do for the holidays?

  1. Santa’s Workshop
  2. Chocolate Factory
  3. Christmas Around the World
  4. Christmas in Paris


The holiday season is not just about gift-giving, it is a celebration of merrymaking and spreading holiday cheer throughout the day. Company parties are one of the events most people are looking forward to and many wedding catering services offer packages that will turn every event into something memorable to end the year. With cool themes, your company party will be what everyone raves about.

Here are some party themes that your company can do:

 Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop

This holiday theme party is a favorite by many. However, it is more than dressing up as Santa, Mrs. Claus, elves, and reindeers. Part of its charm is actually to “give back.”

Perhaps, you can suggest to your officemates to bring a toy or a gift that all of you would later give to a charity or a non-profit organization.

Decorate the venue with a large Christmas tree where guests can put in the gifts underneath. For the table decors, it must have colorful garlands, wreaths, and strings of lights.

For the menu, any Christmas food in every course will do. For desserts, have a station where people can decorate their own Christmas cookie. Try to achieve an overlook that will really make the event look like you are in Santa’s workshop!


Chocolate Factory

This is a perfect theme if you want to incorporate childhood memories and nostalgia into one big party. Candies and chocolates are the main features of this theme so the venue must be big, unique, and bold enough for the over-sized quirky designs.

The centerpieces can feature a tall glass filled with different levels of sweets. Decorate Christmas trees with candy themed ornaments and for an added twist, decorate with edible candies to encourage guests to eat any of the edible decors.

For entertainment, any type will do whether it’s hiring a DJ or inviting a live band. Upbeat and lively music is a must! Include any small carnival games that you played as a child during a birthday party or when you were at a fun fair.

White Christmas

White Christmas

Another popular theme is “White Christmas.” Turning it into one big white extravaganza is one way to take your office Christmas party to a top-notch one.

For the decor, it obviously has to be white. It must consist of white linens, white china, white chairs, and white Christmas trees with silver and white ornaments. Place some snowflakes on the chairs, table tops, and centerpieces. Silver makes a great complimentary color to add a little sparkle to the ambiance.

For the menu, it shouldn’t be limited to white foods although light colored foods would look best. Remember that the guests will be wearing white clothes as well so think about it carefully before deciding on foods that may likely stain their clothes.


Christmas Around the World

You don’t need to book a ticket to travel and see the world as this theme will center around well-loved Christmas traditions from different parts of the globe. For this theme, the best way is to incorporate multiple countries that celebrate Christmas.

Each table will represent a country. You can place a nametag to showcase which table is representing a country. Then, you can incorporate some elements of the country into the table decor. To get extra creative, you can use custom table linens that represent the country’s unique style.

For entertainment, it should feature songs from all over the world and you can have a guessing game which country each carol comes from.

You can get creative with the menu through a series of food stations on different cuisines served around the world. An example is you can set up a Filipino food station serving dishes like lechon and morcon, an Italian station serving different kinds of pizza and pasta, and an American dessert station that serves different pies and sweet treats that all people love during the holidays.

Christmas in Paris

Christmas in Paris

Throwing a “Parisian Holiday” party is one lovely way to keep a Christmas theme party simple yet exquisite. Have everyone dressed up in Parisian ensembles either wearing a scarf, a beret, or (if they’re really committed) a mime costume.

For the menu, it should include delicious hors-d’oeuvres, hearty main dishes, and decadent wines. Options for entertainment that can be a great fit for this theme; it should have Parisian Street Performers.


Key Takeaway

The holiday season is a great time for hosting theme parties and a lot of wedding catering services will help you out in organizing the best Christmas party yet. It can go as simple yet exquisite to something unique and extravagant, Christmas is the time to put out these amazing theme parties for an exciting event that people will definitely remember!


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