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    5 Company Lunch Catering Ideas

    What are some company lunch catering ideas that your employees love?

    1. Have an organized buffet setting
    2. Shorten the line with boxed lunches
    3. Enjoy an early lunch with brunch options
    4. Stay full for longer with fiber-rich dishes
    5. Explore international cuisines

    Whether you’re having a small executive meeting or a company-wide assembly, hiring a caterer should be one of the top things on your list. First of all, it will lessen your stress regarding food preparation, your employees will enjoy the top-notch service and food, and you have more varieties to choose from. Besides that, it can also motivate your employees to work harder and make them feel appreciated too. Here are some company lunch catering ideas for you to try out.

    Have An Organized Buffet Setting

    Have An Organized Buffet Setting

    Buffets are a great way to host a company lunch because your employees can choose what they’re getting and can come back for seconds too. Plus, you can take advantage of styling services for an aesthetically pleasing setup. If you’re used to buffet catering, it is an option during the new normal. Just make sure to ask your caterer what safety protocols they implement to keep their employees and guests safe.

    At Juan Carlo, they practice organized buffet settings for your and the staff’s well-being. You can opt for the Signature Plated Service or a corporate catering package if you’re holding a special event in your office.

    Seating capacity is reduced and the buffet containers are positioned properly to ensure social distancing. Acrylic screens are also placed to avoid contact with the food. Professional caterers will also handle the styling so you won’t have to worry about table setting, registration tables, china and glassware, and the like.

    Shorten The Line With Boxed Lunches

    If you don’t want your pantry to get crowded, one suggestion is to opt for packed lunches instead. This way, everyone gets their food and you don’t have to manage a long queue! This setup also allows you to deliver packed food to employees who are working remotely.

    Fortunately, caterers like Juan Carlo offer this option to customers. We follow safety practices based on the Department of Health’s guidelines to ensure that your packed lunches are not just delicious, but also healthy. All staff are equipped with proper PPE and the company vehicles are disinfected for added safety.

    Enjoy An Early Lunch With Brunch Options

    Enjoy An Early Lunch With Brunch Options

    Scheduling a morning meeting? You can take advantage of this by choosing breakfast to lunch (brunch) meals. You can choose from fruits, salads, soups, pastries, coffee, and tea! Just inform your catering company so they can help you curate a delicious brunch course.

    Here are some brunch ideas you can try:

    • European salad: Strawberry, mango, grapes, romaine, and honey-glazed almond
    • Soup in bread bowls: Clam chowder or cream of asparagus
    • Toasted French garlic bread
    • Freshly brewed “Kapeng Barako”
    • Tea Cart Garden
    • Assorted fresh fruits in season

    Stay Full For Longer With Fiber-Rich Dishes

    Are you expecting a long day at work today? If that’s the case, it is recommended to serve fiber-rich dishes that will keep your team fuller for longer! Aside from that, these have health benefits for the gut too. List down meals with whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. To help you, here are some meal ideas:

    • Vietnamese spring rolls
    • Beef carpaccio, rocket celery, and parmesan cheese
    • Apple and walnuts salad
    • Deep-fried aubergine with water chestnuts
    • Fresh lumpiang ubod
    • Crabmeat, celery, and carrot salad

    Explore International Cuisines

    Explore International Cuisines

    One advantage of hiring a caterer for your company lunch is the diverse dishes they offer. The chefs are trained and experienced in capturing the cuisine from different countries. You can use this as an opportunity to make an ordinary lunch much more exciting and memorable.

    The following ideas are perfect for your company lunch:

    • Steak carving station with USDA Angus ribeye steak
    • European cheese and cold cuts station
    • Sushi sashimi bar or salmon carving station
    • Italian fresh pasta station
    • Paella station
    • Mongolian barbecue station
    • Halo-halo station with leche flan
    • Lechon station

    Key Takeaway

    A company lunch is a great way to boost the productivity of your staff, promote healthy eating, increase team unity, and more! Whether you’re having a simple meeting or a large event, catering is the way to go. This way, you can lessen your stress with meal planning!

    If you’re interested in these company lunch catering ideas, you can contact Juan Carlo the Caterer! We can help you serve packed lunch or set up a buffet for your company lunch. You can choose from our professionally curated courses that feature pork, chicken, fish, or vegetarian dishes.