After years of working at the top of the industry with high-profile clients, a new vision was born; that of luxury service and deliver under the brand Juan Carlo - Catering to those with a finer taste.

To realize that vision, a new commissary with state of the art facilities was established at the center of Batangas City in 2013.

The commissary boasts of an exceptionally spacious 600spm. kitchen with a stainless steel finish for corrosion and heat resistance, hygienic food preparation and easy maintenance. A grease trap for every sink is designed to intercept most grease and solids before disposal of wastewater and the trench drain ensures a rapid evacuation of the surface water. The non-slip floor minimizes hazards while the Industrial exhaust system allows a conducive working environment for the kitchen team.

The LPG gas runs in a pipeline with a safety valve to prevent gas leakage in the cooking area. Four individual fire suppression systems were installed and class K fire extinguishers are on hand for an enhanced fire control system. A comprehensive pest control system is in place, highlighted by electric insect fly traps with a glue board system.

We do not allow any stone unturned in coming up with a clean and safe food production area.

Our two Rational Self-cooking Machine can do the following functions: baking, steaming, roasting, frying, pan-frying, poaching, proofing, blanching, steam baking and dehydrating at the touch of a button.

They can yield:

480 pieces

500 pieces

480 pieces

480 pieces


Salmon and Blue Marlin

Caramel Custard

Rocky Road Brownies

35 minutes

12 minutes

18 minutes

10 minutes

For one viand, using our 12 high-pressure cookers and 6 low-pressure cookers we can cook up to 5, 400 guests in 2 hours.
(Time may vary depending on the dish.)

Stainless Cabinet Type Rice Cooker

Industrial Rice Cooker

500 guests

60 guests

With one cabinet type rice cooker and 8 industrial rice cooker.
They can yield 1, 500 guests worth of rice in 2 hours.

Walk-in Freezer and Chiller
Upright 6-door Industrial Freezer
Chest Type Freezer

We have an 8,000 mm x 2,600 mm walk-in freezer and chiller. In addition, We have two 6 door industrial chillers and one 6 door industrial freezers, size of each are 1,812 mm x 800 mm x 2,040 mm and 7 chest type freezers as back up food storage during peak season.

An air-conditioned area to attain the optimum temperature needed to prepare salad, desserts, cold appetizers, and processing of cakes, bread and pastries.




50 pieces

200 pieces

500 pieces

10 minutes

10 minutes

10 minutes

Our industrial mixers are used for preparations for large quantities of dough for bread, cake and muffin mixtures.
Overall they can yield 2,000 cupcakes in 10 minutes.

Our air-conditioned stockroom serves as the storage for our catering supplies; ensuring the optimum temperature conducive for our stocks.

As part of our JCSYS programme, we have an inventory, purchasing and receiving management module for the systematic and streamlined operation of our stockroom.

We also have an LCD monitor that provides visual management on the real-time updates of the expiration for all our inventory inventory items to prevent spoilage.

The 144 sqaure meters linen area can occupy over 50 thousand fabrics.

Each industrial laundry washing machine can run a cycle of 30 kilograms of linenes and different types of fabrics in 40 minutes.

Warehouse 1

Warehouse 2 (90% completed)

Warehouse 1 is 800 square meters while warehouse 2 is situated at a half-hectare property 3 minutes away from the main commissary.
It has floor area of 1,000 square meters. When combines they can occupy 252,214 items and equipment.

Our industrial dishwashing machine enables the washing and subsequent drying of the entire crates of flatware, dinnerware, glassware and holloware. We utilize a liquid dishwashing soap and drying agent (products of chemlux); where the utensils come out of the machine squeky clean & sanitized by heat.

20 pieces plates

48 pieces highball glass

25 pieces goblets

150 pieces spoon and fork

20 pieces soup bowl

30 pieces saucers

25 pieces coffee cups

25 pieces salad plates

1 minutes and 10 seconds

1 minutes and 10 seconds

1 minutes and 10 seconds

1 minutes and 10 seconds

1 minutes and 10 seconds

1 minutes and 10 seconds

1 minutes and 10 seconds

1 minutes and 10 seconds

Redundancies for water and electrical supply through an electric-powered deep well and a 100 KVA industrial generator to ensure 100% continuity and delivery of our services to all our clients.

To comply with the government's thrust of preserving the environment, we set up our own water treatment facility designed to treat our waste water to make it acceptable for environmentally safe discharge back into the water cycle.

Vice President's Office
President's Office
Assistant Vice President's Office
General Office Area and Conference Room

Divided into 9 departments, our general office area has the capacity of over 50 people.

The conference room serves as a multi-function area for intimate gatherings, company meetings, training, spiritual wellness activities and food tasting for our clients. This also serves as our "War Room" where exchanges of ideas and strategies take place. Serving as the birthplace for innovation at Juan Carlo.

God-centeredness is really at the core of who we are as an organization. THis conviction is the reason why we created a dedicated place for our people to find solace and privacy for reflection and meditation amidst the busy workplace.

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