5 Churches in the Philippines for Your Wedding Ceremony

August 29, 2019

What are the captivating churches to celebrate your intimate wedding?


  1. Calaruega Church
  2. Manila Cathedral
  3. Saint Benedict Parish
  4. San Antonio de Padua
  5. San Sebastian Church


Provided with generous Tagaytay wedding package options, the only thing you have to do is choose the church where you want to exchange vows with your spouse. There are numerous popular churches in the Philippines where thousands of romantic weddings have transpired.


Calaruega Church

Calaruega Church

For couples who dream about getting married in a garden and want to have a church wedding at the same time, the Calaruega Church allows you to have the best out of both wedding venues. Located in Nasugbu, Batangas, the Calaruega Church proudly stands in the middle of greenery, perfectly perched on top of a hill. What more glorious way to celebrate the joining of hearts than in a place close to nature and nearer to the heavens.

Considered to be one of the most popular wedding venues in the Philippines, the Calaruega Church offers the best function rooms. The Veritas Hall can accommodate longer guest lists with as many as two hundred people. For an intimate wedding, the Gazekubo can hold seventy people. For those who want to exchange wedding vows in an elevated location, the Plaza De Aza is a roof deck venue that oversees the astonishing nature of the church.


Manila Cathedral

Imagine walking through the entryway of the Manila Cathedral and hearing your heels click as you walk on the marble flooring. You glance around and see mosaic panels where the light penetrates, creating a Bokeh effect on the floor. As you continue to walk deeper inside, you pass through arcaded colonnades and feel its strength as the entire vaulted ceiling of the edifice rests upon it.

Able to cater to two hundred guests, the Manila Cathedral is a premier cathedral found in the core of the walled city of Intramuros. Following the formal name of Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica, it is the first-ever cathedral in the country.

For the love of Filipino history, exchange vows with your spouse under the Neo-Romanesque-inspired roof of the Manila Cathedral that witnessed thousands of romantic and melancholic peculiar events.


Saint Benedict Parish

Saint Benedict Parish

If you are perchance the type of person to experience an enormous feeling when first laying eyes on the exterior of a church, the kind to get goosebumps as your eyes trail every detail of the structure that makes it stand tall and proud, then you will instantly fall in love with Saint Benedict Parish. The parish is illuminated by natural light and its abbey-style picturesque beauty is surrounded by white painted walls. An all-white themed wedding will definitely blend in with the purity and innocence the parish exudes.

Situated in Silang, Cavite, Saint Benedict Parish is fully air-conditioned to make you and your guests feel comfortable all throughout the wedding ceremony. Feel infinitely good about yourself as you walk down the aisle.


San Antonio De Padua

A well-manicured pathway filled with flora and a majestic fountain made of cobblestone with angel statuettes poised under the image of Saint Anthony of the child Jesus will greet you and your guests with grandiosity. The San Antonio de Padua Church manifests simplicity and tranquility that makes a wedding ceremony peaceful and intimate. The rustic charm of the perfectly designed stained-glass windows lets natural light shine upon the beautiful ornate patterned wood floor of the church.

The San Antonio de Padua church was erected along a narrow street that links Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay to Silang town. It became popular for weddings because of its sheltered location where it practically feels like a whole different world.


San Sebastian Church

San Sebastian

The 400-year old San Sebastian Church, renowned for its architectural structure, is located in Plaza del Carmen in the heart of Quiapo. Despite being located along the bustling streets of Manila, the church maintains its serene and peaceful nature inside. The church encompasses the true spirit of Gothic revival with its fabricated steel interior structure and exquisitely detailed ceiling.

With its Gothic-style interiors, the Roman Catholic minor basilica almost feels like a distinct era as you step foot inside. Considered to be a National Historic Landmark and National Cultural Treasure, exchange your wedding vows proudly as a couple making new marks with the history it holds.


Key Takeaway

Visit churches and devote a little time roaming around to feel the vibe each gives. Walk down the aisle and try to establish a connection. A skip in your heartbeat or a ring of the bell in the tower might be your sign that the church is the best place to get married. The best churches are located in Silang, Cavite, Manila, and Tagaytay. Church venues are typically included in wedding packages, which is less for you to worry about. As you walk down the aisle, the only thought that should be running in your head is that God and all the people you love will be there to witness a glorious moment in your life.


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