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    San Sebastian Church

    Situated at the busy streets of Manila, the San Sebastian church still preserves its serene and calm nature. This historical church can be the venue when you take your next step to eternity; you can achieve this with prime wedding packages from Juan Carlo.

    San Sebastian Church

    The church, completed in the year 1891, has become renowned because of its architectural structure. It has attracted locals and tourists alike because of its Gothic architecture and it is also notable that it is the only all-steel religious place in the Philippines.

    It can be overwhelming to be in a historical landmark and a World Heritage site but it will still give you the most genuine experience as you and your loved one say your vows. As one of the most beautiful churches in the country, it has become a distinct landmark for people all over Asia because its impressive architectural design is really one for the books.

    Experience history in San Sebastian church with Juan Carlo and marvel at the beauty of the well-preserved church that is still laden with its original interiors. The vintage feel will be perfect for couples who are looking for a timeless atmosphere for their wedding.

      Juan Carlo & San Sebastian Church

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