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    3 Tips For Choosing the Best Wedding Menu

    How can you choose the best wedding reception menu?

    1. Brainstorm A Bespoke Menu With Your Spouse
    2. Conduct A Wedding Tasting
    3. Be Upfront With Your Budget


    Arguably, the best part of any celebration is when the food is being served. In the Philippines, sharing meals is a way to socialize. Enjoying sumptuous meals makes Filipinos merry and more inspired to participate in meaningful conversations. Competent services that offer catering in Tagaytay convey this at the heart of their business. They recognize the effects of good food on people to such a degree that they serve only the best reception dishes that will satisfy any type of guest.

    Several factors are at stake when choosing a customized menu for your wedding reception. It is never a decision you should take lightly. Most of the time, couples force their attention on the specific dietary requirements of the guests. Especially the ones that have certain food allergies. But in fact, those are not the sole factors to take note of to please the crowd. Here are some tips you must consider in choosing a suitable and crowd-pleasing reception menu.


    Brainstorm A Bespoke Menu With Your Spouse

    Brainstorm: A Bespoke Menu With Your Spouse

    Make a list of all the dishes that you and your spouse always order. If the dish you both love sharing is something fancy to serve, place it on the list. If it is not, can it be crafted and plated in such a way that it will be more attractive? If the answer is yes, then it equally belongs to the list. Regardless of the diversity of cuisines on your list, it will still be more straightforward to moderate it down to the final dishes you think are best to serve.

    There is a touch of romance and sentimentality in matching the dishes you serve during the reception with your favorite meals as a couple. What dish is more memorable than the one you shared during your engagement? It will be like going down memory lane if you share it with guests again at the reception.


    Conduct A Wedding Tasting

    Conduct A Wedding Tasting

    The most enjoyable part about choosing the wedding menu is the food tasting. You have to make the most out of it. The goal of food tasting is not only to choose the menu from the packages offered but for you to be able to tell the professional catering services your wishes. Never be too afraid to ask the chef to conceive something new especially for you. For all you know, it is an avenue for them to practice their skills beyond the conventional dishes they create for clients.

    While there are couples who choose to hire different buffet services for desserts and lunch, it is still better to hire professional services that offer caterings in Tagaytay. They can provide you with the best buffet menu and table design that coordinates with the theme of the wedding. Moreover, they offer packages that cover everything you need, from the waiters to the utensils. This way, you no longer have to worry about talking to different catering services that may lead to issues and miscommunications.


    Be Upfront With Your Budget

    Be Upfront With Your Budget

    Be honest with the catering services about your budget. You will never know what ideas they will come up with to offer you a superb menu. Prepare the necessary information like the number of guests, the number of courses you wish to serve, the number of children and elderly guests, and so on. This vital information will allow the chef to curate a suitable menu that can satisfy everyone.


    Key Takeaway

    If ordering at a restaurant takes you a long time, you’ll take an even longer time planning your wedding menu. It becomes very puzzling because of the several factors that should be taken into consideration. For the most part, plan your requirements as a couple. While many professional services that offer catering in Tagaytay present food and beverage packages that are often precisely designed to satisfy a vast range of tastes and needs, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and ask your chef to devise a new menu.