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    Things To Consider When Choosing Catering Services in Metro Manila

    Things To Consider When Choosing Catering Services in Metro Manila

    What are the things to consider when choosing catering services in Metro Manila?

    1. Read up on company reviews
    2. Check for food quality and food tasting offers
    3. Consider your event’s theme
    4. Check the cost of service

    In today’s age, there are a lot of companies that offer catering services in Manila. When it comes to planning an event, you can skimp on other factors, but not the catering services. Food typically consumes the biggest budget in events. If you want the best value for your money while satisfying all your guests’ palates, you should just choose the best catering services in Manila. To help you out, here are four things to consider when choosing catering services in Metro Manila.

    Read Up On Company Reviews

    When you are on the lookout for the best catering services in Manila, reading up on company reviews is a must. This way, you can learn more about the kind of service they offer as well as the quality of food they serve.

    Of course, one of the best ways to read up on reliable information as soon as possible is to check the caterer’s official website or social media page. Here, you will find client testimonials as well as other service information, such as the menu, packages, events they cater to, and more.

    If the catering company you are considering has been recommended by a friend or family member, you can ask them about their first-hand experience. See what are the recurring praises for their catering services. Consider also their weak points.

    Check For Food Quality and Food Tasting Offers

    Check For Food Quality and Food Tasting Offers

    After narrowing down your choices, the next top factor that you should consider is food quality.

    The last thing you would want your event to be remembered for is the bad food. You want to pick a catering service in Metro Manila that pays attention to how their food tastes and looks.

    If you want to fully evaluate the menu quality of a caterer, ask if they offer food tasting services. Food tasting involves setting a date to sample different dishes before availing of the caterer’s services. This is especially important for major occasions like weddings, debuts, and corporate events.

    Attending a food tasting means being able to tell if the food is truly delicious, if the food presentation is beautiful, and if the catering staff is attentive to your needs. During a food tasting, you can also ask to customize your menu to accommodate guests’ diet restrictions.

    At Juan Carlo, we encourage clients to book our full-course tasting experience to get a feel of their menu during the event day. Let our expert chefs and waiting staff tend to your catering needs.

    Consider Your Event’s Theme

    You should also consider hiring catering services in Metro Manila that can curate a menu that complements your event theme. For example, if you are holding a kiddie party, remember that children won’t have much interest in European cuisine.
    Make sure to discuss your event theme with the caterer. This is a great opportunity to see how well they can accommodate your customized menu needs.

    Check The Cost Of Service

    Check The Cost Of Service

    The cost of catering services in Metro Manila can range from a couple of thousand to well over a couple of hundred thousand. This is why you should check for the cost.

    Make sure to check for value for money. Strike the perfect balance of food quality and price. Remember that not all affordable catering companies will serve bad food. In the same way, not all expensive catering companies will serve the best food. Do your price comparison research well.

    If you’re on a tight budget, ask the catering company what they can offer you with such an amount.

    At Juan Carlo, we offer catering packages for weddings, debuts, birthdays, kiddie parties, and corporate events that can meet your budget.

    Key Takeaway

    We’ve stated some of the things to consider when choosing catering services in Metro Manila. We hope this article can help you with evaluating the catering service provider you are considering hiring for your event.