14 Children’s Party Theme Ideas

July 5, 2022

What are some simple children’s party theme ideas?

  1. Sci-fi / Star Wars
  2. Cowboy
  3. Medieval / Castle
  4. Dinosaur
  5. Dragons
  6. Lego
  7. Magic / Harry Potter
  8. Pokémon
  9. Superhero
  10. Minecraft
  11. Disney / Disney Princess
  12. Pirates
  13. Mermaids
  14. Cocomelon

Children’s birthday parties are supposed to be fun. It’s a celebration of life, youth, good health, and just the joy of childhood as a whole. Of course, when planning for a child’s birthday party it’s important to know what they like – after all, it’s their party! So here’s a list of 15 children’s party theme ideas that you can try out to guarantee a great time!

Sci-fi / Star Wars

There’s nothing like traveling at light speed and exploring the stars and galaxies. It’s quite literally out of this world (see what I did there?) And with a child’s imagination, a Star Wars themed party with spaceships and lightsabers is nothing short of a wish come true from a falling star.


Picture this – a tumbleweed rolls across the dry desert. A sheriff with a cowboy hat alights his horse, with one thing in mind: a slice of cake and a candy bar from the piñata. The wild west has always been cool, and an abundance of cowboys and cowgirls would truly make a wild experience!

Medieval / Castle

Knights, princesses, bards, kings, and queens! Heralded by the bluetooth speaker –erm, I mean the lyre, trumpet, and harpsichord, they come marching in! “Let them eat cake,” says the queen mother as the shieldmaidens and knights exit the bouncy castle to have their fill of royal sweets!

Dinosaurs / Jurassic Park

Welcome… to the dinosaur themed birthday party! Explore the lost world of ferocious children dressed in dinosaur costumes hungry for slices of pizza. With this party, the only thing that ought to go extinct is the cake!


Science calls them dinosaurs, but in poetry and myth, they’re known as dragons. For this children’s party centered around mythical dragons, the only thing one ought to know how to train is the appetite to make sure there’s enough room for more food!


Everything is awesome with this children’s party! These toys will never go out of fashion, just make sure to never step on any of the pieces with your bare feet! A cake shaped like a lego piece is a simple but genius expression of the essence of lego – to let creativity take the reins!

Magic / Harry Potter

You’re a wizard! And so is everybody else at this birthday party! Magic knows no bounds – whether it’s from the wonderful wizarding world of the boy who lived to the venue of this magical birthday party. With butterbeer and possibly even an edible sorting hat on the cake, it’s sure to leave an enchanting experience!


When you want all the kids to be absolutely captivated by your child’s birthday party, having one that’s Pokémon-themed is sure to catch them all! Be it with classic pokémon like Pikachu or the more recently released ones like Lechonk, know that cute-looking and even powerful-looking pokémon are going to be a hit.


For the past decade, superheroes have been the go-to theme for many children’s parties. Some might deem it overused, but it’s beloved for a reason. And if your child loves Batman or Spider-Man, there’s no reason to deny them the experience. How forgettable would that be even more if Spider-Man himself shows up on the special day itself?


Ahh yes – the videogame that proved to the world once and for all that graphics are not important, only gameplay and the capability to build your own infinite world. The block game with exploding green creatures, zombies, and diamonds won’t just make for a good game – specifically the number 1 best-selling videogame of all time, but it’ll also make for an explosively best-selling party!


Sail the seven seas, explore new lands, and uncover the hidden treasures – chocolate coins! A pirate ship-shaped cake could do the trick, and you can explore the Caribbean and with friends and crew on deck, there’s no trial this celebration can’t overcome.


If you can’t be on the side of the pirate, perhaps a mermaid can be more up to your speed. This is especially enjoyable if your venue includes a swimming pool. Just make sure that everyone enjoys their slices of cake outside of the pool, and to wait around half an hour before going back to swimming to avoid cramps!

Disney / Disney Princess

Nothing speaks to children more than classic Disney magic. Usually, we think of Disney princesses when we mention a Disney-themed children’s party, but remember that Disney has more than just princesses! There are Pixar movies, shows, and even cartoons!


Today, the king of small children’s entertainment on the most widely-used video sharing platform is Cocomelon, and there’s no denying that. It’s not exactly a cartoon, but without a doubt, if your child’s party is Cocomelon-themed, it’ll be a hit for kids ages 2-7.

Key Takeaways

These 14 children’s party ideas may seem cliché or even corny, but remember for a child, what’s cool and cute is what makes a difference when it comes to having the best party of their life. On that note, it’s important to hire the best catering services – just like the experts of Juan Carlo who know what they’re doing in order to ensure a good time when it comes to food. After all, what’s a party without great food? And Juan Carlo can guarantee you just that.


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