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    6 Most Sought-Out Ceremony Venues In Manila

    6 Most Sought-Out Ceremony Venues In ManilaWhat are the most sought-out ceremony venues in Manila? 

    1. La Castellana
    2. Glass Garden
    3. Felicidad Mansion
    4. The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan
    5. Light of Love
    6. SMX Aura

    A ceremony can either be a formal religious or public occasion, where many gather to celebrate a specific event. Ceremonies often include events such as weddings and anniversaries. Whichever one you’re planning, it’s certain that there is a lot of planning involved. 

    When putting together a ceremony, there are many things to consider — from the guests, to the decorations, to the catering. However, the first thing you should decide on is the venue. Luckily, there are many ceremony venues in Manila for you to choose from. 

    We’ve put together some of the most sought-after ones to help you pick the perfect venue for your upcoming event: 

    La Castellana

    Many couples fall in love with the nostalgic ambiance of La Castellana. It’s the embodiment of cultural heritage found in the heart of Intramuros. Here, many families and friends can create memorable experiences they can cherish for a lifetime. 

    La Castella holds 3 rooms perfect for many ceremonies. Their ballroom Salon de Joaquin is the perfect place to celebrate new beginnings. Its graceful arches draped in the delicate fabric create a picturesque background for your intimate ceremony. 

    Guests can stroll at El Jardin the Luz, Spanish-inspired courtyards filled with luxurious tropical plants and hanging lamps in crystal verinas. To top it all off, your guests can also enjoy Manila’s gorgeous sunset at Patio Domino, La Castellana’s open-air veranda. 

    Glass Garden

    Glass Garden

    In Pasig City lies The Glass Garden, a sought-out venue for grandiose ceremonies. This iconic venue is well known for its tall, frosted white and green glass-enclosed spaces, creating a lavish indoor garden fit for any ceremony. 

    The venue’s caretakers ensure that the plants are vibrant and lush for every event. Its bromeliads and other plants are replaced every few weeks to keep the venue looking perfect for the next event.

    The Glass Garden’s event halls also offer high ceilings, which reach up to 30 feet high. Inside, guests can admire the carefully draped flora along the tall, dramatic arches. It’s the perfect venue for those looking for nature’s beauty and elegance.

    Felicidad Mansion

    Found in Quezon City, the Felicidad Mansion is sought-after by many for its vintage elegance and incomparable charm. 

    This venue is a renovated ancestral home that combines old and modern European architecture. Guests can admire the mansion’s original hardwood ceiling accents, vintage windows, and delicately carved doors. 

    The picturesque fountain serves as the background of the grand entrance for any ceremony. Indoors, guests can also find beautiful chandeliers and furnishings to complete the charm of the Felicidad Mansion. 

    There are also six smaller function rooms for smaller events. The Tuscany Room and Cafe Taverna can make perfect rooms for intimate receptions and parties. 

    The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan

    Blue Leaf is a renowned banquet service company that provides venues for its clients. One of its venues is the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan. This space is located near the Ortigas Central Business District. 

    Many people look for the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan’s sleek and modern design. This provides them with diversity in hosting ceremonies with various themes. Its interiors were designed to serve the younger and more vibrant crowd. 

    This Blue Leaf Venue gives the perfect combination of modern and elegant. It’s perfect for both big and small events. The venue even comes with a chic courtyard suitable for pre-event cocktails and mingling. 

    Light of Love

    Stepping foot into the Light of Love whisks you away into a secret garden. This 2-hectare estate is filled with the beauty of nature in the middle of busy Quezon City. 

    Light of Love features six venues. Each of them is spacious and uniquely designed, able to accommodate both grand and intimate affairs. 

    You can hold your ceremony in The Garden. There, you’ll be surrounded by trees and lush gardens. It creates a serene and romantic atmosphere for a solemn ceremony.

    The Atrium is another option for more intimate ceremonies. It’s a neo-classical designed venue. The highlight of the room is its glass-covered ceiling. During the daytime, the natural sunlight seeps in beautifully, however, the beauty of this room comes out once the sun sets. Guests are able to admire the stunning night sky while being illuminated by the light from the chandelier.  

    SMX Aura

    One of the most sought-after venues in Manila is SMX Aura. Its location, amenities, and first rate-service have many event organizers booking it for various ceremonies. 

    Located in Taguig City, the center of business and lifestyle, the SMX Aura has a total of 3,137 square meters of space. It can offer 3 function rooms and up to 13 meeting rooms. Its design and wide space make it a very versatile space. 

    Key Takeaway

    With many sought-after ceremony venues in Manila, it makes it difficult to pick the perfect location. Once you’ve factored in your guests, its amenities, and the venue, you’ll be able to find the perfect venue for your much-awaited ceremony. 

    After selecting your desired events place in Manila, the next step to take is hiring a catering company. Leave it to us here at Juan Carlo to prove you and your guests with a delectable menu for your special event. If you’re interested in viewing our extensive menu of food and offerings, send us a message here to learn more.