Luxury Catering Packages in the Philippines from Juan Carlo

Here at Juan Carlo, we have some of the best catering packages in the Philippines, available for a wide range of events. Thanks to our years of experience, we understand luxury and the importance of event planning. We have been recognized many times over the years for the catering services that we provide. We also know that trends and tastes change over time, which is why we always update our catering packages.

Our Catering Menu & Packages

Our catering packages in the Philippines offer what Juan Carlo is known for—our signature premier dishes and luxury style. Full-service packages are inclusive of set-up, designing, and facilitation. Clients may also coordinate with us to accommodate menu selection, food restrictions, number of guests, service preferences, and much more.

American Service Plated Package

The American Service Plated Package is one that’s fit for kings and queens, with amenities including presidential tables with state-of-the-art floristry and a grand selection of linen to match your color motifs. All table setting and physical arrangements will be done by meticulous professionals.

This catering package also has specifics for some events like a bottle of sparkling wine for the bridal toast or an inclusive 18 roses, 18 candles, and other debut amenities. Food choices include one appetizer, one soup, one entrée each for fish, chicken, pork, vegetables or pasta, a dessert, and drinks.

Luxury meals from Juan Carlo's catering package
A dish from Juan Carlo's catering menu

Signature Plated Service Package

Our Signature Plated Service Package offers a magnificent event experience with masterfully designed tables and chairs, customized linens, and dress-up tables for gifts, cake, registration, and giveaways. This package also includes food and drink options for cocktail hour, your choice of cheese, three dishes, and refreshments. It also has choices for appetizers, soup, salads, and sorbet. The main course consists of a first and second plate, desserts, and drinks.

Customized Food Station Buffet

Of the catering packages in the Philippines that we offer, the Customized Food Station Buffet leaves out the most room for customization as it lets guests choose their food and drinks freely.

With this package, we prepare 8 stations of different types of delicious goodness. For cocktail hour, we have sushi, sashimi, and other options to pair with cucumber lemonade. The package also includes a salad station, pasta station, carving station, grilling station, kebab station, paella station, and drinks station. All stations will be overflowing with premier dishes prepared by our expert chefs for your guests to choose from.

Food from the customized food station buffet of Juan Carlo
Juan Carlo's catering package offering buffet stations

Intimate Buffet Package

Our Intimate Buffet Package is perfect for special events with that intimate, personal feel. As always, it includes table setting and physical arrangements, tiffany chairs, colored linens, centerpieces, and backdrops — all professionally designed and executed with your preferences in mind. We also let you choose from our selection of appetizers, soup, entrees of different viands, desserts, and drinks. For the perfect mix of grandeur and intimacy, try this package!

Catering Events with Juan Carlo

Our selection of catering packages in the Philippines are all specially designed for any of the following special catering events:


With our packages, we can make one of the most joyous days of your life luxuriously memorable! Any of our catering packages in the Philippines can meet and exceed the wedding event that you’ve dreamed of! Both the American Service Plated Package and the Intimate Buffet Package come with wedding amenities, ready for your bridal toast!

Wedding catering package in the Philippines from Juan Carlo
Corporate event catering package in the Philippines from Juan Carlo

Corporate Events

Even for formal corporate events, any of our catering packages are sure to create an atmosphere perfect for satisfying appetites, celebration, and creativity. Our Signature Plated Service Package offers delectable dishes with options for a cocktail hour for the pleasure of all of your esteemed guests

Birthdays and Debuts

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that it’s always worth it to make your birthday special! Be it a normal birthday party or a grand debut party, we can bring the splendor of enjoyment straight to your table. Our Customized Food Station Buffet lets the guests take their pick, perfect for celebrations that bring together a diverse range of people!

Birthday and debut food catering packages, offered by Juan Carlo
Children's party catering package and services, provided by Juan Carlo

Children’s Parties

Who else should have the most fun at parties but children? At Juan Carlo, our catering packages in the Philippines also consider the enjoyment of children!

Watch them be amazed at our thematic backdrop masterpieces, well-dressed and well-mannered servers, and jaw-dropping dishes that feed both the eye and the stomach! For children’s parties, guests of all ages will be properly accommodated!

Choose From Our Luxury Catering Packages in the Philippines For Your Event With Juan Carlo!

Want to create a grand and magnificent feel for your special event? No matter what event you’re having, it’s always best to choose the best. Learn more about your choices and try any of our luxury catering packages in the Philippines from Juan Carlo! Contact us to learn how we can help plan an unforgettable celebration through professional catering.