Why Hire a Catering Service For Your Christmas Family Reunion

December 16, 2019

What are the reasons why you should hire a catering service this Christmas?

  1. Professional food buffet setup
  2. Great-tasting food
  3. Excellent menu
  4. A streamlined party planning process
  5. Stress-free family reunion
  6. Ample time to spend with your family


Are you the one organizing family get-togethers on every special occasion? Consider hiring a caterer for family reunions to have a hassle-free time planning food menus and venues. Reliable professional catering services can provide you with a streamlined party planning process as well as dishes with special dietary considerations.

In addition to that, these services are able to produce a sufficient number of servings to accommodate all your relatives coming from abroad and the provinces. With that being said, here are some of the reasons why you should hire a catering service for your family Christmas reunion.


Professional Food Buffet Setup

For many years, you and your family might have been doing potlucks during Christmas reunions. While you may be able to mimic a buffet table setup, it is still different from having a professional catering service do it for you. They will know exactly how to present certain dishes in serving plates that you might not have in your kitchen. To give you an idea, here are some service equipment that your prospective catering can provide you with for an excellent buffet experience.


  • Buffet food warmer
  • Chafing dishes and fuel
  • Display trays
  • Table skirting and clips
  • Buffet utensils like forks, knives, and spoons
  • Buffet dishes and platters
  • Soup tureens
  • Cake stands


Great-Tasting Food

People lining up getting food at a buffet happily

Aside from a professional buffet table setup, the contents of each chafing dish and food warmer will always be served fresh and warm. The pieces of buffet equipment a professional catering service has are meant to prevent the food from getting stale over time. Moreover, you may expect the food to be sumptuous because they are curated by professional chefs with a number of culinary experiences.


Excellent Menu

For many years, you may have served the same homemade and traditional Filipino cuisine during Christmas Noche Buena. You may not have had the manpower as well as the ingredients and time to cook for yourself. Hiring a professional catering service will enable you to serve other kinds of cuisine. From American, Greek, Japanese, and Korean dishes, here are some main course dish ideas you can ask the chef to curate for you.


  • Chicken Breast Cakes with Teriyaki Sauce
  • Wellness Pasta
  • Korean Pork Spareribs
  • Salmon with Tequila Cream Sauce
  • Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
  • Beef Brasatto
  • Sopa de Congrejo
  • Garlic and Basil Focaccia
  • Creamy Pumpkin Soup


Streamlined Party Planning Process

An asian girl smiling while planning a party

Professional catering services have the capability to streamline the planning process of your Christmas family reunion. From incorporating your desired theme into the setup and buffet table settings, expect the celebration to be seamless. The great thing about having a catering service is that you have extra hands to work with you.

With a catering service ready to assist you, instead of busying yourself with the menu and actual food preparation, you will have more free time. You can contact your relatives coming from different places, organize and finalize the venue, and prepare your gifts for everyone.


Stress-free Family Reunion

If you are the family’s party planner, sous chef, organizer, decorator, and support, then you might have experienced how tiring and stressful it can be. Alleviate some of your stress with menu planning, food preparation, and buffet setup for a professional catering service.

Allow yourself to enjoy the other parts of the planning process without feeling drained during the Noche Buena. Give time to yourself with the help and support of the catering service. You will be surprised how much relief and fun you will have with a catering service ready to provide you with their services.


Ample Time to Spend with Your Family

Close up of the arms and legs of people playing Twister

Being the chef already takes a lot of your time. Instead of doing all the grimy work in the kitchen, allow a professional catering service to do that for you. Have the leisure to spend time with your family and relatives who came all the way from different provinces and cities. Be part of every game your family will play as well as hear and laugh at all the jokes that will be shared. Christmas Noche Buena happens only once a year, and you may not often see your relatives. That alone is enough reason to hire a professional catering service to do all the menu planning and food preparation.


Key Takeaway

Make this coming Christmas Noche Buena a special one by hiring a caterer for a family reunion. Sit down with your family, relax, and enjoy the food! The only thing left for you to do is to choose from the delicious dishes and drinks that your professional catering service has in store for you.


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