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    Truly the Best Caterers in Manila – Juan Carlo

    Thousands of celebrations are held every year – especially in Metro Manila. Preparing for these events can be stressful; finding a venue, designing the place, and preparing the food is only a few of the many things one will have to deal with. As such, these obstacles will undoubtedly pose a problem for people who don’t know how to cook or where to get the equipment needed. But don’t fret, catering in Manila is aplenty.


    Of course, there are different companies that offer catering services in Manila, one of which is Juan Carlo. This catering company has been in the business for a long time, boasting a long list of satisfied clientele. So if you’re hosting a party this December, instead of trying to prepare the food — and possibly failing — save time and effort by hiring Juan Carlo instead!

    Why Hire a Catering Company

    There are different benefits to hiring a catering company for your party or event. Consider the following:

    • Food and Preparation Management

    Should you decide to hire a catering company for your party this December, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. First off, your caterers will take care of the food — right from the appetizers up to the desert. All you have to do is discuss with them the type of food that you want to be prepared.

    Secondly, if you’re having trouble with any aspect of the event preparation, your caterer can help with that too. Catering companies – while most center on the food – are also able to provide other services as well. A karaoke machine, photo booth, or even video coverage in your party can be easily set up – just say the word!

    • Time and Cost Efficiency

    Catering companies are party experts. This means that they know exactly what ingredients to buy for your menu or what kind of sound system would be best for your venue – this will save you time and money as attempting to prepare them yourself will likely end in disaster.

    • Party Planning

    Preparing a party is a very stressful event, especially for those who are inexperienced. Caterers can help with this as their knowledge and professional training will come in handy whenever you should run into any problems; they can help in any aspect from theme planning, venue hunting, and even the actual set-up.

    • Professional Guidance

    Catering companies prepare different events all year long. These professionals are equipped with skills and experience that they can share with you. With their guidance, the preparation and arrangement for your event will surely be perfect and hassle-free.


    The Best Catering Service in Manila

    Truly there are a lot of benefits to hiring a catering company for your party or event. But, be wary because picking a caterer is no easy task; there are a lot to choose from though as catering services are prolific in Manila. One of the many is, of course, Juan Carlo, and since its establishment in the 90s, they have served a long list of clients and have been given recognition countless times.

    When it comes to corporate catering, Juan Carlo is a name that’s always been sought out by companies and individuals alike. Time and time again, they have proven why they are on top of the game by constantly providing high quality service and equally delicious food.

    They offer four different catering packages: wedding, corporate, debut, and children’s packages. Each package is equipped with amenities and perks that you will surely enjoy!

    Speaking of, weddings are a prime example of how Juan Carlo can really liven up an event. Some of the amenities included in their wedding package are a grand wedding background design, doves in a decorated cage, and a 3 layered wedding cake. You’ll definitely feel like kings and queens on your wedding day!

    The corporate package is also a great way to spice up any company event. Whether you are holding a simple conference meeting, launching a new product or brand, or simply going on a summer excursion, this company’s catering service – in addition to providing great food – will surely impress you and your business partners alike.

    A woman’s 18th birthday is important. If your daughter is celebrating her debut soon, make sure that it would be memorable and meaningful; Juan Carlo can help you with that. Their debut package has amenities including a 3 layered fondant cake and your daugther’s very own princess’ chair.

    Juan Carlo is also an expert in children’s parties. With their help, you can throw the most entertaining celebration for your kids. Both the kids and their parents will be in awe with the colorful set-up and eye-catching design provided by the catering company.

    Lengua De Cecilia

    Through the years, Juan Carlo has helped make memorable events and parties for millions of Filipinos. Their experience, knowledge, and skills put them ahead of hundreds of their competitors, especially in Manila. So if you want to throw the best celebration, make sure to hire the best catering company in Manila.