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    Catered Service Vs Food Trays: Which Is Better?

    Catered Service Vs Food Trays: Which Is Better?Which is better for an event: catering service or a food tray? 

    1. Catering services offer equipment and staff
    2. Food trays make distribution easier
    3. Catering services give the event a formal atmosphere

    Food is an important part of any event. When hosting one, you need to ensure that your guests are well-fed and happy as the celebration goes on. You usually rely on food services and catering packages to provide this for you. 

    With many options available for dishes, you may wonder which is best for your event: catered service vs food trays. 

    Both provide high-quality food for your guests to eat and enjoy during your event. That said, each service has its benefits and advantages. 

    This article goes through what each service offers. As you keep reading, you’ll learn if your event is best suited for either a catering service or a food tray service. 

    What is a catering service?

    A catering service is in charge of preparing and providing food for various types of events. This can be as formal as weddings and debuts. Catering services also provide food and services for corporate events and other social gatherings. 

    These events can happen in the houses and offices of the customer. For formal events, a catering service can also be brought to hotels and banquet halls. Customers are provided with menus by caterers. These are packaged according to the number of guests. You are also able to adjust some dishes depending on the dietary restrictions of some guests. 

    During these events, food is served hot. Caterers store food inside chafing dishes to keep warm throughout the event. There are also many catering styles to choose from. 

    What is a food tray? 

    A food tray service is a specific type of catering service where food is packed in disposable containers. It can be packed in individual containers or in bulk. 

    Caterers give the customer a menu that features the different food they offer. Once ready, they are delivered to the customer. 

    It’s up to the customer to distribute the food during the event itself. This is a popular choice for meetings and seminars in the office. 

    Catering services offer equipment and staff

    Catering services offer equipment and staff

    Customers get a lot of inclusions when hiring a catering service for an event. They offer an entire package that is not just limited to the food that they offer. Their service includes chairs, tables, waiters, servers, and all necessary equipment. 

    Upon inquiry, catering services show you the different colors available for tablecloths and table runners. This is to ensure that your tables match the event’s color motif. Some catering services also provide you with the centerpieces of your choice.  

    It is also common for catering services to coordinate with an event planner to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day of the event. 

    On the other hand, food tray catering services do not provide these services. They simply prepare your food and deliver it to you on the discussed date and time. For convenience, it is always given in takeaway trays that can be good for 10 to 30 people. 

    Food trays make distribution easier

    With food trays being packed in disposable containers, it makes it easier to distribute among people present at the event. Utensils and individual packs are sometimes provided to eliminate the need to bring plates and utensils. 

    On the other hand, catering services require an elaborate set-up. There are different styles of catering services. Each type has a unique way of setting up and serving food to the guests. 

    On the other hand, distributing food through catering takes a bit more time — but it’s still quick and easy for your guests. 

    As we mentioned earlier, there are many different catering styles you can choose for your event. Each one has a different way of providing food to your guests:


    In a buffet set-up, the different dishes are placed in metal storages called chafing dishes. There is a fire on moderate heat found under it to keep the food warm. The chafing dishes are set up on a table where guests line up to serve themselves the food of their choice.


    As its name suggests, guests remain seated in a sit-down catering service. The caterer provides the event with servers who go to tables to provide them with food and drinks. The servers also ask the guest what dish they prefer if there are multiple dishes available. At weddings, it’s common for the bride & groom to decide on one dish for everyone while making tweaks for those with dietary restrictions. 

    Catering services give the event a formal atmosphere

    Catering services give the event a formal atmosphere

    Having a catering service present at any kind of event gives a more formal vibe. When food is served buffet style, it can be a more casual atmosphere compared to sit-down catering. However, the presence of waiters, servers, and table setting takes the event up a notch. 

    Meanwhile, if you choose food trays for your events, it gives a more casual vibe. This kind of catering is best suited for events like outreaches, team buildings, and seminars in remote locations since it’s easy to take containers with you. 

    Key Takeaway

    There are many options for food in any kind of event. It usually depends on what kind of event you’re hosting and the number of guests present. From there, you’ll be able to decide between catered service vs food trays. 

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