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    In Case of Emergency: Survival Cooking Tips

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    What do I prepare myself for survival cooking?

    1. Bring tools and know how to use them.
    2. Know the area’s topography and nearby points of convenience.
    3. Practice always.
    4. Bring rations always and learn how to ration your food.
    5. Be aware of danger and avoid it at all costs.

    From fancy corporate catering in Manila to a simple dinner at home, cooking is a hobby that touches people’s hearts, as well as fill their stomachs. It is an undisputed fact that cooking is both a practical need as well as an emotionally filling hobby. Whether one cooks at home or at a restaurant, it is definitely a wonderful experience that is shared between loved ones.

    With the help of specialized tools and utensils cooking daily is done smoothly day in and day out. However, not everything will go according to plan people have to learn how to adjust and adapt accordingly. In emergency situations, this skill can save a life.


    In short, cooking is something that isn’t just limited to the kitchen. Having this skill is also useful in the wilderness. Eating to survive is one thing, but to be able to cook to do so is another thing entirely.

    If you’re the type of person who revels in and relishes the outdoors, here are some tips for survival cooking:

    Bring Tools and Know How to Use them

    It is definitely important to remember that it isn’t possible to foresee when an accident or an emergency situation will occur but being prepared for anything is definitely ideal. With this in mind, bring all of the necessary tools that one would need for any outing such as a portable stove, some pots and utensils. With these items in your gear, there’s no danger stopping you from enjoying the wonders of the outdoors.

    Besides bringing these necessary tools, it’s always important that you know how to use them. By the time you’re out there and danger strikes, thinking on your feet will surely help you through the toughest of obstacles.

    Another great asset you must have when it comes to survival is the capability to use the environment to your advantage. For example, when you need heat to cook your meal and you don’t have a heat source with you, this is where the notion comes to place as you’d then need to create heat for and by yourself. Your surroundings offer you a lot at your disposal, so be sure to know what to do and how to do it.

    Know the Area

    One of the many basic preparations that a person should do before embarking on a trip is researching on the fauna and flora of the area. It is a basic requirement to understand the topography as well as the animals and plants that inhabit the area. Survival cooking is quite easy in itself if you’re prepared but not knowing which food and animals are safe for consumption could lead to your death.

    Another important aspect of research is being aware of the possible threats in the area. Some mountain trails, in the case of the more adventurous travelers, are filled with predators that could pose a threat to people.

    Whilst researching your destination’s terrain before embarking on a trip seems ideal, it’s also just as vital that you research the environs’ nearest forms of convenience. Emergency locations such as hospitals, gas stations, police stations, and even a wildlife control office will surely come to your aid should you know of their exact locations. Researching this aspect shows that you’re more than capable in preparing for any obstacles that can be thrown at you.

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    Out of everything that has been discussed so far, nothing is ever more applicable than the classic saying, “Practice Makes Perfect”. In survival cooking, this is important because you don’t want to end being inefficient at it when your life depends on it.

    Cooking in the outdoors is definitely a different experience from cooking inside a kitchen. There are many external factors to consider such as the elements and the weather which could potentially affect your meal. Practicing basic cooking without the comfort of using tools is definitely a wise choice for people looking to travel around, or even as a precautionary measure.

    Another thing about practice is that it can be done anywhere and at any time. This is a great way to prepare for your next camping trip. Looking to practice your fire-starting skills and other cooking hacks that can prove more than helpful? If so, then grab your pots, pans, and other ingredients and equipment and start practicing.

    Have Rations Ready

    One of the most commercially available meals are MRE or Meals Ready to Eat. These rations are pre-cooked meals that are sealed in air-tight containers to maintain their freshness or, at the very least, prevent them from expiring. While these are generally more expensive than regular meals, it is recommended to bring MREs on trips or even simply storing them in your vehicle.

    This is not just about bringing rations, however. If ever you find yourself stuck in the wilderness for a long period of time, it’s inevitable that your food and water supply will run out. Learning to ration your supply is a great way to survive through anything. With your arsenal of knowledge on how to properly ration your supply, you’ll be able to carry yourself to safety in no time.

    Be Aware

    Awareness is often the most basic survival skill that is easily overlooked. It is a key factor in one’s survival through any means. While survival cooking is an essential skill, it is even better to actively avoid any situation that could put you in a compromising position.

    Key Takeaway

    While there are many other survival techniques that one ought to practice or prepare for, the most important thing people should remember is that an ounce of precaution is definitely better than a pound of cure.